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Suspicious Activity? Stopped

Don't just watch crime. Solve it.

Police Using Flock Readers During Social Distancing

The Role Cameras Can Play During A Statewide Crisis

5 Ways to Use Virtual Tools For Neighborhood Safety

5 Tips to Virtually Engage Your Community During COVID-19

Should College Campuses Install ALPRs to Stop School Crime?

5 Times License Plate Readers Saved the Day

3 Ways License Plate Readers Really Reduce Crime

Why You Should Embrace Automated License Plate Readers

Johns Creek Community Safety Event

Keys to Leverage Your Community to Solve Crime

Genoa Event Registration

Neighbors are using these smart cameras to track strangers’ cars — and yours

Collierville Community Safety Event

"Neighborhoods Turn to License Plate Reading Cameras to Fight Crime"

North Charleston Neighborhood Turns to Cameras to Help Fight Crime

Cameras Installed Around Port Isabel

Gahanna Civic Association Meeting

Trussville PD Encourages HOAs to Consider Flock Safety

Irondale Police Using New Technology to Fight Property Crime

Trussville Police Urge Neighborhoods to Get Involved with Flock Safety

Flock Safety to Hold Trussville Community Safety Event

Irondale Police Use New Tech to Catch Crooks

Affordable Cameras Focusing on Vehicles

Let the Police Take Care of Possible Thieves

License Plate Readers as a Safety Measure for Parks, Recreation & Cultural Affairs

$1,000 Worth of Property Damage, Recovered

Meet the New Neighborhood Watch

San Antonio Neighborhood Using Flock Safety to Curb Crime

San Antonio Neighborhood Uses New Tech to Curb Crime

Sugarloaf CID Installs 10 New License Plate Reading Cameras

Sandy Springs Neighborhood Hands Actionable Evidence to Police in Mail Theft Case

How a Flock-Protected Neighborhood Helped Police Catch a Serial Mail Thief

Sandy Springs Porch Pirate Could Have Countless Victims

Sandy Springs Police Charge Man with Mail Theft, Identity Fraud

Porch Pirate Suspect Believed to Have More Sandy Springs Victims

Security Cameras Lead To Fraud Suspect Arrest In Sandy Springs

Sandy Springs Police Have Arrested a Serial Fraud Suspect With Help From Flock Safety

Denver Residents are Helping Police Protect Their Community With Flock Safety

DeKalb Police Using New Crime-Fighting Tool to Protect Public

Colorado Neighborhoods Using Flock Safety to Reduce Crime

Denver-Area Neighborhoods Feel Safer Thanks to Flock Safety

Stablegold Hospitality Helps Police Get Tough On Crime

How Neighborhoods Can Use Flock Safety to Help Police Stop Crime

Protecting User Privacy Through Technology

DeKalb County Police Partner with Flock and Private Citizens

DeKalb County Votes to Partner With Police Department on Crime-Solving Initiative

InTown Suites Pilot Program Boosted Guest Safety, Expansion to 8 Locations Followed

DeKalb Police Want to Work With Flock-Protected Communities to Improve Safety

Reddit Co-Founder and Tech Startup Investor Alexis Ohanian Talks Values, Perspectives, and Tech Industry

How Flock Safety Stops Crime in Communities

Flock Safety Helps Solve and Stop Crime Through Partnerships with Community and Police

New Security Cameras Aimed at Catching Criminals in Collierville

San Diego Neighborhood Gives Police First Lead in Burglary Case Using Flock Safety

Crime Rates Rise During the Summer, Here’s What This Means for You

How this California Neighborhood Caught Footage of a Drive-By Shooting Suspect

How an Evasive Park Burglar Was Caught Using Flock Safety Footage

How a West Columbia, South Carolina Neighborhood Used Flock Safety to Help Police Catch a Vandal

Flock Safety Announces Partnership with Innovia Co-op

Los Angeles Burglar Who Used Rental Car Caught Using Flock Safety Camera

Why the Chamblee Police Department Chose Flock Safety to Help Keep Their City Safe

Georgia Neighborhood Hands Clear Evidence of Car Burglary Suspect to Police Thanks to Security Camera

Is Your Unit Safe? 11 Apartment Safety Tips for Renters

How Flock Safety License Plate Readers Helped Police Solve an Aggravated Assault Case

How to Solve Crime Without a License Plate

How Flock Safety is Helping This North Carolina Neighborhood Prevent Car Break-Ins

Flock Safety Neighborhood Crime Camera Helps Identify Burglary Suspect

Porch Pirate Caught by Washington Neighborhood Flock Safety Camera

When Crime Happens, Day or Night, Flock Safety Captures the Footage Police Need

Leveraging Flock Safety’s Technology as a Force Multiplier in the Field

What Happens if a Wanted Car Passes by a Flock Safety Camera?

Marietta wants to buy license plate readers after successful trial run

How Flock Safety License Plate Readers Keep Parks Safe

Violent crimes plummeting in a Cobb County community

License Plate Readers Contribute To Marietta's Falling Crime Rate

8 Security Tips for Property Managers to Save Time and Money

Why the Type of Security Camera You Have Makes a Difference

What if I’m an Individual Homeowner and I Want To Have Security Coverage?

Here’s How Your Agency Can Benefit From the Flock Safety Falcon™ Camera

3 Key Lessons Learned from Officers in Building our Fixed ALPR System

Which License Plate Reading Camera is Best for My Needs?

LPR Cameras that Let You have the City-Wide Coverage You Need

How Property Managers can Demonstrate Their Value to Residents

Marietta Police credit license plate reader for arrest of alleged domestic offender

Neighborhood keeps eyes open

MPD Announces New SMILE Program

More License-Plate Reading Cameras Coming To Marietta

Fixed license plate reader in Marietta leads to first arrest

Snap! The local HOA just captured your license plate number

Cobb-based CID’s tactic: Catch criminals with tag-scanning cameras

Neighborhood purchases personal license plate reading camera

Illegal Dumping Costs You More Than You Think; How Flock Safety Can Help You Save

A Virtual Neighborhood Gate that Captures Evidence

A Security Camera System Designed Specifically for Neighborhoods

How Lt. Mixon Set Out to Build Community Engagement with LPRs

This is what Police Wish You Knew about Neighborhood Crime

Here’s the Data Police Actually Get from Traditional License Plate Reading Systems

Flock Safety Overview

Prominent Realty Group of Georgia Eliminates Crime in Apartment Complex Using Flock Safety Security System

Residents use license plate camera to ward off crime

License plate recognition cameras to be placed in Jersey Village

Richmond Neighborhood Plans License Plate Readers

Marietta assault suspect caught by license plate reader, police say

Neighborhood uses high tech to fight back against crime

Gwinnett and Gateway85 CID work to install safety cameras

Metro Atlanta hotel installs license plate readers

“Smart” cameras installed in Midlands neighborhoods, records vehicles’ license plates

Neighborhood watch: New surveillance cameras flock to Memphis area

The Hands-Off Security Solution for Property Managers

Cobb County communities invest in crime fighting camera

Local neighborhoods hoping to help solve crime with license plate reading cameras

License plate readers in Fort Mill neighborhood installed to deter crime

Solar Powered Surveillance

Collierville cameras scanning license plates to prevent crime

Neighborhood turns to cameras that read license plates to solve crime

Local neighborhoods deploying new technology to catch criminals

Richmond neighborhood installs Flock Safety cameras to boost security

Homeowners' associations are investing in security cameras to monitor residential streets.

LaGrange to add cameras for neighborhood security

Woman helps police catch thieves after spotting car from surveillance video

New type of security camera could be coming to neighborhood near you

This surveillance startup wants to put cameras in your neighborhood

How Flock Safety Eliminates Neighborhood Crime While Protecting Resident Privacy

Technology that Serves as a "Force Multiplier" for Law Enforcement

What Community Managers Say is their Biggest Help when Crime is Committed in a Neighborhood

5 Crime Prevention Tips from Police for HOA Board Members

8 Rules HOA Boards Can Follow to Keep Residents Safe

Security Cameras in Neighborhoods Help Prevent Crime

Prevent Property Crime in Your Neighborhoods and Increase Resident Safety

How Residents Appreciate HOA Boards that Work Proactively

How Police Work with Private Citizens to Solve Crime

How this Property Manager Sleeps Better at Night with Neighborhood Security Cameras

Flock Safety Footage Helps Landmark Miami Neighborhood Solve Grand Theft Auto & Residential Burglary Case

HOA Board Members: Don't Buy Security Cameras Without Reading This First

What Happens in the Event of a Crime

Providing Actionable Evidence in a California Break-In

Neighborhood Fed Up with Illegal Dumping Takes Action

Atlanta Neighborhood Recovers Stolen $3,000 Road Bike Using Flock Safety

Ex-Burglar Tells You How to Protect Your Home from Break-In and Robbery

Stolen Dog Returns to Family Thanks to Flock Safety

Quick Installation, Instant Security

What can you actually do when you feel unsafe?

From Burnouts to Banned, How One Community Came Together to Catch a Reckless Driver in the Act

How to Build a Relationship with Law Enforcement

Solving Nonviolent Crime with LPR Footage

Helping Prevent Crime with Flock License Plate Cameras

Solving Crime with Flock License Plate Cameras in Atlanta

What To Expect From Flock Safety

Learn How Flock Safety Handles Privacy & Access

Why Does License Plate Recognition Matter?

How the Safe List Solves Privacy Concerns

Does My Neighborhood Need Flock Security Cameras?

The Top 5 Neighborhood Security Options - But How Do You Choose Which Is Best For You?

What It's Like to be a Flock Customer

Videos About Flock