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Georgia Neighborhood Hands Clear Evidence of Car Burglary Suspect to Police Thanks to Security Camera

Flock Safety captured footage of the suspect's vehicle.

By Janice Ng

An Unwelcome Visitor

Sandy Springs, Georgia residents Carren and Stone Sellers never expected their quiet neighborhood to see any criminal activity. Especially right outside their own front door.

Their daughter had just made the move back into their family home. That very same night, with boxes barely unpacked, an unwelcome visitor broke into their daughter’s car while it was parked in their driveway, stealing a laptop and other valuables.

Carren knew she needed to take action quickly for her daughter, so she reported the break-in to the Sandy Springs Police Department.

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Quick Action and Strong Partnerships Leads to Success

Thankfully, their neighborhood had just installed a Flock Safety license plate reading camera at the entrance. When the Sellers reached out to Flock Safety, they were able to find key footage of the burglar's vehicle leaving the neighborhood.

Residents knew their camera could read and record license plates and vehicle information of cars entering and exiting the neighborhood, both during the day and at night. What they didn’t expect was to see their new security camera in action so quickly.

The Sellers’ neighborhood association had taken proactive steps to communicate with residents about how their Flock Safety security camera worked. Residents knew when the camera was being installed, who would have access to the footage, and how police would work with residents to review footage if a crime occurred.

Thanks to this communication from her neighborhood association, Carren knew to reach out to Flock Safety after reporting the incident to the police department. She granted Flock’s Crime Team permission to access camera footage from the time of the break-in.

“The experience with Flock Safety was tremendous. They responded quickly and emailed me the images our Flock camera captured of the thief. Their Crime Team helped me through the entire process, from reporting the incident to local police to letting them know they could access our Flock images. She kept me in the loop throughout the entire process and I felt assured we were in good hands. I think Flock Safety handled the whole situation very well.”

— Carren Sellers, Sandy Springs, Georgia

The Results

Once Carren reached out to Flock Safety, the Crime Team got to work fast. With consent from the neighborhood association and from the Sellers, the team located footage of the suspicious vehicle. Given the timeframe of the break-in, they were able to find key images of the perpetrator leaving the neighborhood and quickly sent them to police.

Because of the Sellers’ quick action and their neighborhood association’s clear and open communication, Flock Safety was able to provide key pieces of evidence to the police.

Originally published: 2019-06-04 13:30:00