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Here’s How Your Agency Can Benefit From the Flock Safety Falcon™ Camera

A valuable tool that helps you solve more cases.

If there’s one thing television sadly taught civilians about law enforcement, it’s probably that most action-packed, high-drama shows aren’t the most accurate.

But we can all dream.

From swooping to the crime scene with smoking tires to an unrealistic lack of paperwork, television shows make police work look breezy and glamorous.

Contrary to Law & Order, Reno 911, or Brooklyn Nine-Nine, crime isn’t solved in just one hour with a few commercial breaks.

While the dream for all agencies is to have the highest quality equipment and systems that can deem paperwork irrelevant and find perpetrators with just a few keystrokes, it’s still very much a dream today.

The reality for law enforcement agencies is most likely this: several calls for service you receive often end without a solve because of a lack of the right kind of evidence.

What if we told you we could help?

We spent quality time with police departments to find out their biggest needs, and we wanted to create a solution to address those needs.

Why? Because our mission is to help eliminate nonviolent crime.

So Flock Safety’s team of engineers built a camera system designed to add to law enforcement’s toolkit in the field—the Flock Safety Falcon camera.

Here’s what your agency can gain from the Flock Safety Falcon.

Measurable time savings

While paperwork takes up a good portion of your time, so does gathering evidence in a timely manner.

Capture the details you need

One of the Falcon camera’s features is the ability to capture more details about a vehicle than just a license plate. Our system reads and captures the color and type of vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle, etc.). It also captures objects (pedestrians, bicycles, or animals). These are the details you need to take the next step in solving a case.

Access the right evidence in a beat

With Flock's system, you can quickly search the captured footage from a desktop or mobile device. Plus, you can filter out unrelated images like objects or type of vehicle.

Imagine you’re on the scene of a call for service. Your department has installed a Flock Safety Falcon camera close by, so you quickly log into your Flock account on your mobile laptop or mobile phone. Within seconds, you’re able to pull up a vehicle that matches the victim’s account. With just a few keystrokes. Where it took you hours of footage scrubbing before, a quick search by vehicle attribute turned up your key image in seconds.

While it’s no all-inclusive database with the perpetrator’s entire history, you can save valuable time in gathering evidence.

Multiply your coverage in the field

Now, imagine you receive a call for service to a park or outside a small neighborhood. Most likely, you previously weren’t able to install a security system or patrol this less-trafficked area due to budget restrictions. This means you weren't able to have eyes on the scene at the time of the crime.

Be everywhere at once

Because of Flock’s price, community-wide coverage can be a reality for your agency. You can have more eyes in your community’s low-traffic areas.

There are no additional costs for our installation, maintenance, software updates, hot list integrations, or user interface access services.

With more eyes on the streets, you can transport yourself “on the scene” of any crime or call for service in seconds. Just like they somehow manage to do so on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

You won’t have to plan and divide your time between high-crime areas and low-traffic areas. Each part of your city is important to you, and we understand that.

Take a step closer to having the equipment you only see on television portrayals of law enforcement work, except this time, it's real and within reach today.

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