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Illegal Dumping Costs You More Than You Think; How Flock Safety Can Help You Save

Flock Safety delivers a return that off-sets the damaging costs of illegal dumping.

The general costs of illegal dumping

“Out of sight, out of mind.”

That’s the mindset most people who illegally dump waste follow. While that may be one person’s reality, the full reality is this: Cleaning up, monitoring, and enforcing rules against instances of illegal dumping costs homeowners a significant amount of money each year.

According to the EPA, some urban areas in the U.S. spend “several million dollars per year on cleanup, hauling, and disposal” of illegally dumped waste.

Physical and environmental risks

Aside from monetary costs, illegal dumping can take a toll on physical and environmental health. Common illegal waste items include couches, water heating tanks, tires, refrigerators, or building materials.

All of these waste items can house breeding grounds for mosquitoes, disrupt wildlife habitats, and pose fire risks.

They also make dangerous play spaces for children, who see the waste as a playground without thinking of the hazards involved. Children can easily become trapped in or under discarded refrigerators and freezers, or become exposed to toxic chemicals and disease-carrying mosquitoes from leaks and pools of water.

Bottom line: illegal dumping is harmful to your living space and to your loved ones.

Here’s what illegal dumping costs you

For residential properties, junk and trash removal can cost up to $600 per instance, depending on the type of material, size, and weight.

But the biggest cost you’ll feel will most likely be your wasted time.

Your daily duties already include emails, bill or rent collecting, keeping up with neighbors or residents; the list goes on.

With illegal dumping, you’ll have to add dealing with complaints, trying to find the culprits, and coordinating waste pick-up to your day. This process could take 3-5 hours of your time. If you’re a community manager, this can cost you almost $100 a day in wasted time.

And don’t forget about property values. Piles of waste can make your community unattractive to commercial and residential developers, both from an aesthetic and safety standpoint, lowering your property values.

How to stop illegal dumping, reactively or proactively

If you’re experiencing the effects of illegal dumping already, we have a solution for you.

If you haven’t experienced it yet, our advice (and the advice from law enforcement officials) is this: Don’t wait for something to happen before taking action.

Police say the number one piece of evidence they need to solve a case is license plate information. You’ll need to capture this evidence so you can hand it off to the police.

Here’s where Flock Safety comes in. Our technology captures all the right information police need to solve a case.

Flock’s Automatic License Plate Readers (ALPRs) reads license plates, vehicle details like type (car, truck, motorcycle) and color, and even captures paper tags or vehicles with no tags at all. Our customers can quickly search for the information they need by these details, or by a specific timeframe. Each of these pieces helps police move forward on catching the bad guys.

Quiet, poorly lit roads attract waste dumping. And once it starts, illegal dumping tends to pile up. When dumping sites aren’t cleaned up promptly, they attract more trash.

A community safety system that captures imaged 24/7 can proactively help you stop dumping from happening in the first place.

A real case with real results

Here’s why we feel strongly about illegal dumping: We’ve seen exactly how it can affect communities and neighborhoods.

One of the largest suburbs in Atlanta had first-hand experience with illegal dumping, and it was getting ugly.

The residents of the Druid Hills neighborhood knew they needed to put an end to the piles of dumped couches, hot water heaters, and yard waste for the health of their neighborhood.

They knew the perpetrator was most likely using a large truck to transport and dump the waste, so they installed a Flock Safety ALPR and waited.

A week after installation, residents found newly dumped trees and yard debris in the same area they had been watching. A quick call to Flock Safety’s Customer Success team helped them quickly identify the perpetrator using their Flock system, and the subdivision owner handed over the images to local police.

Using Flock Safety’s provided evidence, police were able to bring the dumper to justice and stop further instances of waste dumping!

Here’s the return Flock Safety provides

Don’t wait for several dumping incidents to happen before you take action. The costs and the risks involved, both monetary and physical, are too high to not be prepared.

Flock Safety helps you capture the evidence police need to catch illegal dumpers and bring them to justice. Flock Safety also prevents future instances of illegal dumping.

With Flock, you can save $600 per waste pickup, 3-5 hours out of your day in finding the perpetrator and coordinating waste removal, proactively prevent resident injury from waste items, and save your property values from going down.

Today, we help police solve 1 crime case every day, and neighborhoods with Flock Safety see a 30-50% reduction in crime. Keep your neighborhood safe and beautiful with Flock.

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