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Los Angeles Burglar Who Used Rental Car Caught Using Flock Safety Camera

How police were still able to locate the suspect of an attempted home break-in.

The challenge: a burglar drove into a neighborhood with a rental car

In a Los Angeles neighborhood early one morning, a burglar drove in with a vehicle and attempted a home break-in.

This burglar knew their target and believed they could avoid detection through the type of vehicle they drove—a rental car.

When the homeowners returned and found evidence of an attempted break-in, they immediately called police and notified their HOA board.

The solution: license plate reading cameras that capture exactly what police need to solve a case

This LA neighborhood wanted safety to be a priority for all residents, so they did their research to find the best home safety system for their neighborhood. Together with resident approval, the HOA elected to install Flock Safety cameras to keep all homes safe.

Flock Safety captures the number one piece of evidence police need to solve a crime: a license plate.

For this case, police needed just that to begin identifying possible suspects.

The results: an arrest that started with a license plate

After homeowners reported the attempted break-in to police, the detective assigned to the case got to work fast.

The detective was familiar with Flock Safety and reached out to the HOA for permission to view the footage captured.

With permission and help from Flock to set up viewing rights, the detective began searching through the neighborhood’s Flock Safety footage for suspicious vehicles around the time of the attempted break-in.

A quick search by timeframe pulled up a suspicious vehicle and its license plate that wasn’t registered as a resident.

Continuing his investigation, the detective traced the vehicle’s license plate back to a rental car company.

After obtaining more details from the company, the detective was able to ID the suspect using their phone number.

With concrete evidence in hand, police located the suspect and made an arrest without incident.

Thanks to Flock Safety’s license plate reading cameras, this Los Angeles neighborhood was able to send a message to potential burglars that crime would not be tolerated.

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