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MPD Announces New SMILE Program

Marietta Police Department — Marietta, GA

More License-Plate Reading Cameras Coming To Marietta

Patch.com — Marietta, GA

Fixed license plate reader in Marietta leads to first arrest

AJC — Atlanta, GA

Snap! The local HOA just captured your license plate number

San Francisco Chronicle — San Francisco, CA

Cobb-based CID’s tactic: Catch criminals with tag-scanning cameras

MDJ — Marietta, GA

Neighborhood purchases personal license plate reading camera

WSMV — Nashville, TN

Illegal Dumping Costs You More Than You Think; How Flock Safety Can Help You Save

Flock Safety delivers a return that off-sets the damaging costs of illegal dumping.

A Virtual Neighborhood Gate that Captures Evidence

Thinking of installing a neighborhood gate? Flock Safety's Automatic License Plate Reader might be more effective at keeping out crime.

A Security Camera System Designed Specifically for Neighborhoods

Prevent neighborhood crime with Flock Safety’s affordable, hands-off security system.

How One Police Department Set Out to Build Community Engagement Around License Plate Readers

A law enforcement agent’s study of one police department’s community-building efforts.

This is what Police Wish You Knew about Neighborhood Crime

A law enforcement official shares what he wants the public to know about crime in neighborhoods.

Here’s the Data Police Actually Get from Traditional License Plate Reading Systems

A law enforcement agent breaks down what traditional LPR systems capture.

Flock Safety Overview

Here's what you can expect from us.

Prominent Realty Group of Georgia Eliminates Crime in Apartment Complex Using Flock Safety Security System

How this property manager fought back against crime (and won) to keep residents safe

Residents use license plate camera to ward off crime

Tribune Ledger News — Cherokee County, GA

License plate recognition cameras to be placed in Jersey Village

Houston Chronicle — Houston, TX

Richmond Neighborhood Plans License Plate Readers

NBC Bay Area — San Francisco, California

Marietta assault suspect caught by license plate reader, police say

Marietta Daily Journal — Marietta, GA

Neighborhood uses high tech to fight back against crime

WKRN — Nashville, TN

Gwinnett and Gateway85 CID work to install safety cameras

AJC — Atlanta, GA