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Crime Rates Rise During the Summer, Here’s What This Means for You

As temperatures rise during the summer, so does crime. Here's what you need to know.

How this California Neighborhood Caught Footage of a Drive-By Shooting Suspect

The neighborhood had a Flock Safety camera that saw the suspect’s vehicle.

How an Evasive Park Burglar Was Caught Using Flock Safety Footage

A South Carolina park wanted to put an end to park crime.

How a West Columbia, South Carolina Neighborhood Used Flock Safety to Help Police Catch a Vandal

A neighborhood vandal didn’t stand a chance at staying anonymous with the neighborhood’s Flock Safety camera.

Flock Safety Announces Partnership with Innovia Co-op

Flock Safety is excited to announce a partnership with Innovia Co-op.

Los Angeles Burglar Who Used Rental Car Caught Using Flock Safety Camera

How police were still able to locate the suspect of an attempted home break-in.

Why the Chamblee Police Department Chose Flock Safety to Help Keep Their City Safe

Georgia Neighborhood Hands Clear Evidence of Car Burglary Suspect to Police Thanks to Security Camera

Flock Safety captured footage of the suspect's vehicle.

Is Your Unit Safe? 11 Apartment Safety Tips for Renters

A Metro Atlanta Crime Prevention Officer passes on tips on how to stay safe in your apartment complex.

How Flock Safety License Plate Readers Helped Police Solve an Aggravated Assault Case

Flock Safety Law Enforcement Consultant Lt. Ben Mixon walks us through the solve and how the community came together to help police apprehend the suspect.

How to Solve Crime Without a License Plate

A Colorado neighborhood caught a burglar who used a vehicle without a license plate. The burglar was arrested by police 1 hour later.

How Flock Safety is Helping This Neighborhood Prevent Car Break-Ins

When residents couldn’t see the perpetrator, Flock Safety stepped in.

Flock Safety Neighborhood Crime Camera Helps Identify Burglary Suspect

Cobb County — Georgia

Porch Pirate Caught by Flock Safety Camera

Neighborhood now free from further package theft.

When Crime Happens, Day or Night, Flock Safety Captures the Footage Police Need

Every piece of footage a Flock Safety camera captures can help police apprehend a criminal.

Leveraging Flock Safety’s Technology as a Force Multiplier in the Field

Want to solve more crimes in your jurisdiction?

What Happens if a Wanted Car Passes by a Flock Safety Camera?

Flock Safety’s Hotlist integration can stop criminals in their tracks.

Marietta wants to buy license plate readers after successful trial run

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) — Atlanta, GA

How Flock Safety License Plate Readers Keep Parks Safe

One police department used LPRs at a local park to bring down crime.

Violent crimes plummeting in a Cobb County community

Patch — Marietta, GA