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Does My Neighborhood Need Flock Security Cameras?

Does My Neighborhood Need Flock Security Cameras?

Why should you consider Flock Safety for your neighborhood?  There are other options on the market, so what makes Flock the best choice for your community?  It's really a combination of a few components.

License Plate Reading

First and foremost, we focus on capturing the license plate here at Flock because it is the best piece of evidence to provide to police.  While a traditional video camera captures a person's face, unless you know the person or the police do, this not a lot for law enforcement to go on.

We Take Care of the Camera

We operate using a lease model.  So what does that mean?  If we own the hardware, we own the problems that occur.  If one of your cameras is damaged or stolen, we provide a replacement camera, free of charge.  If anything goes wrong with the camera, our software notifies us and we send out a technician to fix it ASAP, at no additional cost to you.


We built our cameras to be 100% wire-free.  Our cameras run on solar + battery power so no power source is necessary and we utilize cellular networks for data so no wifi network required.  Why is that so important?  You can put our cameras nearly anywhere and you do not have to bear the burden of costly infrastructure or the destruction of your landscaping.


Our cameras are designed for neighborhoods.  All day, everyday, our team is laser-focused on making neighborhoods safer and nothing else.  We don't think about how our technology performs in shopping centers or on trails or on doorbells.  We only worry about how well it works for a neighborhood.

Hardware + Software

We build our own hardware and write our own software. Owning the entire technology stacks enables us to deliver an ever-changing and growing product to our customers.

Why does all of this matter?  When we put all of these things together, we are able to provide the very best product to neighborhoods at the most competitive price.