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From Burnouts to Banned, How One Community Came Together to Catch a Reckless Driver in the Act

In June 2018, a woman was walking her dog down the sidewalk in Richmond, CA when she witnessed a bright red sports car burning out it's wheels and doing donuts in the middle of the street. The witness posted about the incident on her neighborhood social network page.


Fortunately, they had Flock Safety's wireless security cameras installed in multiple locations throughout the community. Within an hour, the HOA Security Chair reviewed the surveillance footage, identified the vehicle as a Red Dodge Challenger and downloaded the footage of the reckless driver in the act.

Flock Safety's

With the make and model identified, he could perform a simple Google-like search within Flock's simple user interface and identify the vehicle's license plate.

Flock Safety's

Now, the HOA Security Chair was able to pass along the footage to local law enforcement. Police officers were able to track the vehicle's registration back to a rental car company and the reckless driver was permanently added to the “do not rent” list.

"Our neighbor thought she saw a Ford Mustang. Fortunately, I was able to use Flock Safety's simple video viewer to identify the vehicle as a Dodge Challenger. We captured the license plates so that our police could do their job."

-Joseph, Neighborhood Security Chair

The community worked together to leverage Flock Safety's wireless security cameras to quickly search the footage, capture actionable evidence, and give the police exactly what they needed to stop the reckless driver.

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