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Neighborhood Fed Up with Illegal Dumping Takes Action

How this large Atlanta, Georgia community refused to accept a culprit’s repeated dumping of trash by working with Flock Safety to solve the crime.

The Challenge

Frustrated and disgusted by the waste disposed in one of their subdivisions while under development, the Druid Hills Historic District, one of the largest suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, was in need of some help.

Finding a solution to fit the ongoing need required a search outside the typical city clean-up request or complaint to the local authorities.

The neighborhood needed a long-term solution quickly to identify the culprits leaving sofas, hot water heaters, yard waste, and trash in a secluded section of the community.

The Solution

Fed up and ready for a change, a neighbor started his own investigation into options to help solve the continuous problem. The police needed evidence on who was dumping the items to be able to take action on the behalf of the community.

Knowing that a large vehicle like a truck was most likely dumping the items, the search began for a camera system able to view and capture images of vehicles coming into the subdivision.

As a result, the subdivision owner called Flock Safety to determine how Automatic License Plate Reader (ALPR) technology could help.

The Result

Exactly one week after their Flock Safety camera installation, the Druid Hills Historic District customer found trees and other yard debris in the same secluded section of the subdivision.

This was the time to take action by using the internet-based search capabilities of the Flock software. By filtering the footage to a car type of trucks and narrowing down the timeframe to the day of the trash dumping, the Flock Customer Success team walked the customer through how to successfully identify the perpetrator’s vehicle in minutes. With the images in hand, the subdivision owner shared the information with the Atlanta Police Department.

The evidence provided enabled the police to bring the criminal to justice and help prevent future instances of dumping.