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Learn How Flock Safety Handles Privacy & Access

By Janice Ng

Data Storage

All data is securely stored for 30-days with AES256 encryption with our cloud provider, Amazon Web Services.

On device, footage is only stored temporarily until it has been uploaded to the cloud at which point it is removed from the local device.

Who has access

Your neighborhood 100% owns the data. Flock will not share, sell, or access your data.

Your neighborhood determines who has access to footage. Either an HOA board member, trusted neighbor, or every neighbor - it’s your call.

We have the ability to grant an individual access for a short period of time. So in the event of a crime, the neighborhood could grant the victim access to Flock footage for 24 hours.

Resident SafeList

Flock also has the ability to only record license plates of non-residents, reducing the concern of your neighbors feeling watched.

If a neighbor's license plate is on the SafeList, any footage of their vehicle will be marked as "resident".

The neighbor can even opt to have their vehicle removed from the footage in the interest of privacy.

More about how Flock protects privacy.

Originally published: 2019-01-04 05:12:00