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Solving Crime with Flock License Plate Cameras in Atlanta

Only a few days after a home break-in, two criminals are now behind bars

A crime occurred in one of Flock Safety's neighborhoods in Atlanta. One of the residents had her back door kicked in by 2 criminals. Her home security system was triggered but the culprits still managed to steal a drawer filled with jewelry. The resident filed a report with the police, then informed her neighborhood's Security Chair of the incident. Another neighbor's doorbell camera provided a long-distance photo of the victim's home in the correct time frame - with a suspicious red van parked outside.

Armed with the timeframe and vehicle description, the Security Chair was able to quickly utilize the Flock system to find the license plate number and provide to law enforcement within an hour of the incident.  This information was added to the police's evidence - and assisted in an arrest.

"Without Flock Safety’s cameras, I would not have been able to assist the homeowner so quickly. Flock gives our community real-time access to footage within our neighborhood to help solve crimes like this home invasion and theft.  Also, Flock Safety iterates continually on their camera technology to make it better and better."

-Jake, Neighborhood Security Chair

Here is a link to coverage of this story on WSB-TV

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