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Solving Nonviolent Crime with LPR Footage

Home and car break-ins aren't the only crimes that Flock helps solve

In the Druid Hills Historic District, a subdivision under development was having consistent issues with people dumping sofas, hot water heaters, trees, and other trash in a secluded section of the community. The subdivision owner called Flock Safety to determine how we could help.

Exactly one week after his installation, the customer found trees and other yard debris in the same secluded section. By filtering the footage to trucks during the timeframe he described, the Flock Customer Success team was able to identify the perpetrator's vehicle in under ten minutes. He handed this information over to law enforcement to bring the criminal to justice and prevent future instances of dumping.

Solving Nonviolent Crime with LPR Footage

Flock certainly wants to help in the event of car or home break-ins, but we aim to assist in the event of non-violent crime as well. Request a free quote today!

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