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What can you actually do when you feel unsafe?

It's 8:15pm and a teenage girl takes the dog out for a walk in her neighborhood. She's done this 100x before so there's nothing to worry about. She walks past the same street light as always, kicks the same pile of rocks near the fire hydrant, and looks over her shoulder before crossing the street. This time, however, she notices an SUV driving slowly behind her and in the same direction. It just doesn't feel quite right.

We've all had these types of experiences before, but what's the best way to react? Do you run? Do you yell out for help? Should you just ignore it? At Flock Safety, we always believe that if you feel unsafe, you should call the police and ask for help. Luckily the girl in our story had her phone and she decided to call 911. She was unharmed, but startled by the experience. She returned home and told her parents about the encounter.

Was it something to worry about or not? In most circumstances, there'd be no way to actually know. Thanks to Flock Safety's wireless security cameras, the HOA president was able to search the footage for the timeframe of the incident, 8:15pm to 8:30pm, and see the exact vehicle that the girl described. The automatic license plate readers captured the vehicle plates and the HOA could give the footage to local law enforcement (note: license blurred in the image below to protect privacy).

What can you actually do when you feel unsafe?

“Within eight minutes I was able to ID the vehicle as it exited our neighborhood and was ready to give footage to the police. Flock Safety is so much better than our old security service, which would have been of no help at all.” - Jim S. HOA President

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