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Suspicious Activity? Stopped

Learn how one Atlanta neighborhood was able to use Flock's wireless license plate reading camera to solve a crime.

A Bellevue neighborhood in Nashville, TN is fighting against crime by installing a high-end security system that reads license plates.

Neighbors in the Devon park community told News 2 they’ve been looking into security for a while after one of their residents became a victim of a bump and rob shooting not too far from the neighborhood last year.

“It really was propelled by the neighbors in the neighborhood who thought that we could take more measures for safety,” Lisa Fielding told News 2.

She has lived in the neighborhood for more than a decade.

“It seems that most of the crime has just been people leave their cars unlocked during the night time hours, people go in and take what they can.”

Fielding says adding security seemed like the best option to deter crime and capture it. That’s when they found Flock.

The Flock Safety automatic license plate reading camera was installed at the entrance of the neighborhood and it snaps pictures of every car, license plate, and person that comes within its frame.

“This way we know who’s in the neighborhood,” Fielding explained.

The images are then stored in the Cloud to access for the next 30 days.

Fielding says their camera has already caught some possible thieves.

“Flock was great about sending those license plate numbers to police and then letting the police take over from there.”

Fielding says they are already considering investing in a second camera that shoots images of vehicles leaving the neighborhood.

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