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Reddit Co-Founder and Tech Startup Investor Alexis Ohanian Talks Values, Perspectives, and Tech Industry

During a visit to the Flock Safety HQ, Ohanian shared his experience with the Atlanta crime-fighting startup.

Crime Rates Rise During the Summer, Here’s What This Means for You

As temperatures rise during the summer, so does crime. Here's what you need to know.

Flock Safety Announces Partnership with Innovia Co-op

Flock Safety is excited to announce a partnership with Innovia Co-op.

Why the Chamblee Police Department Chose Flock Safety to Help Keep Their City Safe

Is Your Unit Safe? 11 Apartment Safety Tips for Renters

A Metro Atlanta Crime Prevention Officer passes on tips on how to stay safe in your apartment complex.

How Flock Safety License Plate Readers Helped Police Solve an Aggravated Assault Case

Flock Safety Law Enforcement Consultant Lt. Ben Mixon walks us through the solve and how the community came together to help police apprehend the suspect.

When Crime Happens, Day or Night, Flock Safety Captures the Footage Police Need

Every piece of footage a Flock Safety camera captures can help police apprehend a criminal.

Leveraging Flock Safety’s Technology as a Force Multiplier in the Field

Want to solve more crimes in your jurisdiction?

What Happens if a Wanted Car Passes by a Flock Safety Camera?

Flock Safety’s Hotlist integration can stop criminals in their tracks.

How Flock Safety License Plate Readers Keep Parks Safe

One police department used LPRs at a local park to bring down crime.

8 Security Tips for Property Managers to Save Time and Money

Do you have the right security processes in place to maximize your time and money savings?

Why the Type of Security Camera You Have Makes a Difference

Both for your residents' sense of safety and your workload as a property manager.

What if I’m an Individual Homeowner and I Want To Have Security Coverage?

How Flock Safety can protect your home

Here’s How Your Agency Can Benefit From the Flock Safety Falcon™ Camera

A valuable tool that helps you solve more cases.

3 Key Lessons Learned from Officers in Building our Fixed ALPR System

To build a system for law enforcement, we had to do our research.

Which License Plate Reading Camera is Best for My Needs?

Flock Safety Automatic License Plate Readers vs. Traditional Systems.

LPR Cameras that Let You have the City-Wide Coverage You Need

Flock Safety’s police-grade Automatic License Plate Reader delivers more than just tags.

How Property Managers can Demonstrate Their Value to Residents

The key: open communication.

Illegal Dumping Costs You More Than You Think; How Flock Safety Can Help You Save

Flock Safety delivers a return that off-sets the damaging costs of illegal dumping.

A Virtual Neighborhood Gate that Captures Evidence

Thinking of installing a neighborhood gate? Flock Safety's Automatic License Plate Reader might be more effective at keeping out crime.