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This is what Police Wish You Knew about Neighborhood Crime

A law enforcement official shares what he wants the public to know about crime in neighborhoods.

Here’s the Data Police Actually Get from Traditional License Plate Reading Systems

A law enforcement agent breaks down what traditional LPR systems capture.

Flock Safety Overview

Here's what you can expect from us.

The Hands-Off Security Solution for Property Managers

So little time, so much to do — how property managers can spend less time worrying about property crimes.

How Flock Safety Works to Eliminate Neighborhood Crime While Maintaining and Protecting Resident Privacy

Learn how we store the data your Flock Safety security system collects. (Hint: We don't.)

This Technology Helps Police be Everywhere at the Same Time

How police are augmenting their presence when population is growing faster than budgets.

What Community Managers Say is their Biggest Help when Crime is Committed in a Neighborhood

While community safety is always a priority for community managers, many lose valuable time scrolling through security footage when a crime is committed in one of their neighborhoods.

5 Crime Prevention Tips from Police for HOA Board Members

Tips straight from police to help neighborhoods prevent crime.

8 Rules HOA Boards Can Follow to Keep Residents Safe

Eight rules you can follow to help you keep track of what’s happening in your neighborhood.

Security Cameras in Neighborhoods Help Prevent Crime

Cameras are a visible reminder to potential burglars that neighborhoods are watching.

Prevent Property Crime in Your Neighborhoods and Increase Resident Safety

Here’s what you can do as a property manager if you’ve received one too many late night emergency calls, or if you've noticed an increase in crime around your communities.

How Residents Appreciate HOA Boards that Work Proactively

These actions will help residents see the value of their HOA board.

How Police are Working with Private Communities to Better Serve the Public

When private communities work in partnership with local law enforcement, police officers have more time and more resources to focus on solving crimes and keeping the public safe.

HOA Board Members: Don't Buy Security Cameras Without Reading This First

Here are the five big reasons neighbors are buying Flock Safety cameras instead of doorbell cameras.

What Happens in the Event of a Crime

Learn How Easy it Is to Solve Crime Using Flock Safety

Ex-Burglar Tells You How to Protect Your Home from Break-In and Robbery

When it comes to protecting your home, there are a few things that you can only learn from the criminals themselves. One ex-burglar told police what he would look for before committing a break-in and robbery. Learn how to protect your home and community.

What can you actually do when you feel unsafe?

A stranger seemingly follows you. Is it something to worry about? In most circumstances, there'd be no way to actually know. Thanks to Flock Safety's wireless security cameras, now we have the evidence to be sure.

What To Expect From Flock Safety

Installation, maintenance, and monitoring are all taken care of by Flock Safety

Learn How Flock Safety Handles Privacy & Access

Learn How Flock Safety Handles Privacy & Access

Why Does License Plate Recognition Matter?

Capture evidence that police can actually use to solve crime