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case studies

How Flock Safety is Helping This Neighborhood Prevent Car Break-Ins

When residents couldn’t see the perpetrator, Flock Safety stepped in.

Porch Pirate Caught by Flock Safety Camera

Neighborhood now free from further package theft.

Prominent Realty Group of Georgia Eliminates Crime in Apartment Complex Using Flock Safety Security System

How this property manager fought back against crime (and won) to keep residents safe

How this Property Manager Sleeps Better at Night with Neighborhood Security Cameras

A Central Florida property manager kept getting late night emergency calls about safety issues, so she used Flock Safety to put an end to the incidents.

Flock Safety Footage Helps Landmark Miami Neighborhood Solve Grand Theft Auto & Residential Burglary Case

Miami police utilized Flock Safety's footage to help make an arrest in a grand theft auto and residential burglary case.

Providing Actionable Evidence in a California Break-In

In a Flock-protected neighborhood in Fremont, California, there was a break-in early one morning in June.

Neighborhood Fed Up with Illegal Dumping Takes Action

How this large Atlanta, Georgia community refused to accept a culprit’s repeated dumping of trash by working with Flock Safety to solve the crime.

Helping Police Solve Crime in Your Neighborhood

Learn how one Atlanta neighborhood was able to use Flock's wireless license plate reading camera to solve a crime.

Stolen Dog Returns to Family Thanks to Flock Safety

Read how the only outdoor security camera built for neighborhoods actually solved crime and returned a dog to the rightful owner.

Quick Installation, Instant Security

Thanks to the quick installation, reliable hardware, and easy-to-use software, this neighborhood was able to catch a would-be thief in the first week.

What can you actually do when you feel unsafe?

A stranger seemingly follows you. Is it something to worry about? In most circumstances, there'd be no way to actually know. Thanks to Flock Safety's wireless security cameras, now we have the evidence to be sure.

From Burnouts to Banned, How One Community Came Together to Catch a Reckless Driver in the Act

The community leveraged Flock's wireless security cameras to quickly search the footage, capture actionable evidence, and give the police exactly what they needed to stop the reckless driver.

How to Build a Relationship with Law Enforcement

This California community already had a strong relationship with law enforcement, and thanks to Flock's ability to act as a virtual security guard, they will be able to continue providing actionable evidence in cases like this one to grow the relationship further.

Solving Nonviolent Crime with LPR Footage

In the Druid Hills Historic District, a subdivision under development was having consistent issues with people dumping sofas, hot water heaters, trees, and other trash in a secluded section of the community.

Helping Prevent Crime with Flock License Plate Cameras

While solving crime is our main objective, we ultimately want to prevent crime in the neighborhoods we protect.

Solving Crime with Flock License Plate Cameras in Atlanta

Only a few days after a home break-in, two criminals are now behind bars