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Is Your Unit Safe? 11 Apartment Safety Tips for Renters

A Metro Atlanta Crime Prevention Officer passes on tips on how to stay safe in your apartment complex.

8 Security Tips for Property Managers to Save Time and Money

Do you have the right security processes in place to maximize your time and money savings?

Why the Type of Security Camera You Have Makes a Difference

Both for your residents' sense of safety and your workload as a property manager.

What if I’m an Individual Homeowner and I Want To Have Security Coverage?

How Flock Safety can protect your home

How Property Managers can Demonstrate Their Value to Residents

The key: open communication.

A Security Camera System Designed Specifically for Neighborhoods

Prevent neighborhood crime with Flock Safety’s affordable, hands-off security system.

This is what Police Wish You Knew about Neighborhood Crime

A law enforcement official shares what he wants the public to know about crime in neighborhoods.

Here’s the Data Police Actually Get from Traditional License Plate Reading Systems

A law enforcement agent breaks down what traditional LPR systems capture.

Flock Safety Overview

Here's what you can expect from us.

The Hands-Off Security Solution for Property Managers

So little time, so much to do — how property managers can spend less time worrying about property crimes.

What Community Managers Say is their Biggest Help when Crime is Committed in a Neighborhood

While community safety is always a priority for community managers, many lose valuable time scrolling through security footage when a crime is committed in one of their neighborhoods.

5 Crime Prevention Tips from Police for HOA Board Members

Tips straight from police to help neighborhoods prevent crime.

8 Rules HOA Boards Can Follow to Keep Residents Safe

Eight rules you can follow to help you keep track of what’s happening in your neighborhood.

Security Cameras in Neighborhoods Help Prevent Crime

Cameras are a visible reminder to potential burglars that neighborhoods are watching.

Prevent Property Crime in Your Neighborhoods and Increase Resident Safety

What you can do as a property manager if you’ve received one too many late-night emergency calls.

How Residents Appreciate HOA Boards that Work Proactively

These actions will help residents see the value of their HOA board.

HOA Board Members: Don't Buy Security Cameras Without Reading This First

Here are the five big reasons neighbors are buying Flock Safety cameras instead of doorbell cameras.

Why Does License Plate Recognition Matter?

Capture evidence that police can actually use to solve crime

The Top 5 Neighborhood Security Options - But How Do You Choose Which Is Best For You?

Review all of the options available to your neighborhood

What It's Like to be a Flock Customer

Learn more about what happens after you decide to go with Flock