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Trussville PD Encourages HOAs to Consider Flock Safety

Featured on CBS42 in Birmingham, AL

"Trussville PD encouraging homeowner associations to consider Flock Safety"

"Flock Safety cameras have grown in popularity throughout the Birmingham metro area. These cameras scan for license plates, helping officers solve property crime cases.

The city of Trussville has been trying these cameras out for the last two months, and in that time, they’ve been able to locate stolen vehicles, missing vehicles and arrest people with outstanding warrants.

Tuesday, the police hosted a community meeting to inform HOA’s of the benefits of purchasing Flock camera.

"As far as crime-fighting on our end, we love it and I endorse it. I don’t work for Flock, but I endorse it, it’s an excellent product,” said Trussville Police Chief Eric Rush."

Reported by Malique Rankin

Watch the full story on CBS42