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Flock Safety is in the business of solving crime.

Welcome to the Flock

Our mission is to eliminate non-violent crime.

And we see this starting to happen everyday as private citizens and law enforcement agencies work together with crime-fighting technology. When a crime occurs, Flock Safety cameras deliver the actionable evidence police need to make an arrest. We help law enforcement agencies solve up to five crimes every hour. Our company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and Flock Safety camera systems are live in over 400 cities in 35 states.

Our Team

We are a team of passionate engineers and developers focused on creating cutting-edge technology to help solve and prevent crime. We do this by building our own hardware, writing our own software, and continuously improving our systems. Ongoing customer feedback is at the core of our product. We release regular enhancements based on customer needs, so we can deliver the best technology to help eliminate non-violent crime. JOIN US
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Product Purpose

Law enforcement officers need a solution to help prevent and solve crime. With 7 in 10 crimes being committed in a vehicle, the license plate information is critical to criminal investigations. The Flock Safety camera sees like a detective to make actionable evidence available when needed. It not only captures the license plate seen, but all the objects within the frame. The user interface is a simple search that can be filtered by timeframe, car type, color, and more. SEE THE PRODUCT