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Flock Safety protects your neighborhood from property crime

Stop Crime In Your Neighborhood 

Last year, Americans lost over $13 billion due to property crime. Don't wait until crime happens to take action. Prevent crime with Flock Safety.

Flock Safety's premier cameras are purpose-built for neighborhoods, allowing you to find and relay critical evidence fast, prevent future crime, and keep your neighborhood safe regardless of the season. 

87% of property crime may go unsolved, but not for Flock Safety. We solve 3-4 crimes every day.

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Recent Press

87% of non-violent crime goes unsolved in the United States. It's not because police aren't doing their job, it's because they lack good evidence. So we set out to build a product that could actually help solve crime. And it became clear that the best way to do that was to provide better evidence to police. We built our cameras with Automatic License Plate Recognition (LPR) capabilities. Because we hear time and again from law enforcement that a license plate is the best piece of evidence.

At Flock, we pride ourselves in our ability to help solve crime in neighborhoods. In the last few months, we have provided evidence in more than 10 investigations and have aided in the arrest of 2 criminals. While solving crime is our main objective, we ultimately want to prevent crime in the neighborhoods we protect. Together our cameras, which work to solve crime, and our signage, which help deter crime, can make your neighborhood a safer place.

We store our footage in the cloud, so you can securely access the cameras from any laptop or smartphone. It’s fast and easy to access footage when you need it. This also allows us to continue to improve the software and deploy enhancements out to our cameras in real-time.

Pricing is pretty straight-forward. On a two-year contract, it's $2,000 / camera / year. This includes everything - installation, maintenance, footage hosting, cellular service, and software updates.