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Crimes Solved

See how Flock Safety helps solve up to five crimes per hour.

60% Reduction in Crime

6 months after installing 13 cameras, police say they saw a decrease in crime.

Murder Suspect, Caught!

Police caught a wanted murder suspect with Flock license plate readers.

GA Identity Thief, Caught!

Within six minutes, police were able to make an arrest for theft, burglary, loitering and prowling.

Business Park Cuts Crime in Half

93% fewer robberies and 46% fewer car break-ins at Sugarloaf CID.

28 Stolen Vehicles, Recovered!

In just six months, Memorial Villages Police Department recovered 28 stolen vehicles.

CA Identity Thieves, Caught!

Footage helped prosecutors charge suspects with 20 felonies and misdemeanors.

FL Property Thieves, Arrested!

ID-ing the men might have taken significant work, but Flock captured key evidence.

Crimes Solved on Day One

Officers arrested two men for a stolen vehicle, meth, heroin, and oxycodone.

Carjacking Suspects, Caught!

Dozens of Flock cameras help the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office solve crimes.

$1000 of Damage, Recovered!

KHOU 11 reports on a neighborhood using license plate readers to fight crime. 

Suspicious Activity? Stopped!

This Nashville neighborhood catches some possible thieves.

Retail Burglary Suspect, Caught!

A suspect stole $2,000 worth of phones. A Flock camera caught the evidence and police made the arrest.

Flock Partners with Genetec Inc

Enables citizens to help agencies around the country proactively solve more crime

Colorado Residents Using Flock

Not your typical community fixture, residents use license plate readers to stop crime. 

Evidence Captured of Burglary

Georgia neighborhood hands Flock Safety evidence of car burglary suspect to police. 

Park Burglar, Caught!

South Carolina park catches burglar using Flock Safety footage.

Drive-By Shooter, Identified!

San Francisco neighborhood finds footage drive-by shooter with Flock Safety.

InTown Suites Pilot Program

Hotel chain uses Flock Safety to book guest safety as part of corporate strategy. 

Neighbors Using Smart Cameras

Los Angeles Times covers Sheman Paks use of Flock Safety to fight neighborhood crime. 

The New Neighborhood Watch

The Atlanta Journal of Constitution runs "meet the new neighborhood watch."

Aggravated Assault, Solved!

Lt. Mixon shares how this community came together to help police apprehend a suspect.