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Solve Neighborhood Crime.
Keep Your HOA Safe.

Give police real evidence with the only outdoor security camera built for HOAs.

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Designed To Solve Crime And Capture Evidence

Over 70% of crime occurs with a vehicle, so Flock Safety is focused on capturing license plates. Our cameras are designed to capture vehicles traveling up to 55 MPH, day and night.

Install a Flock Safety camera on every street to capture evidence the police need to solve crime.

Designed To Solve Crime And Capture Evidence

What happens when a crime occurs?

All footage is hosted online and can be quickly accessed from a laptop or smartphone.

Accessing the footage is so simple because our software intelligently converts hours of footage into the key images that matter to you. You are also able to filter based on a partial/full license plate, vehicle type, color, person, or even animals.

crime-occursWhat happens when a crime occurs?

Built Just for You

No infrastructure costs - Traditional camera systems require significant infrastructure costs. Flock Safety leverages solar + battery for power, and cellular for data, removing any upfront costs.

Discreet design - Avoid the eyesore of cameras and maintain the aesthetics of your community.

Built Just for You

World Class Technology

Privacy protection - Unlike traditional cameras systems, we understand the importance of privacy and have features in place to protect it.

Hardware + Software - Flock Safety designs and develops the wireless, outdoor camera in-house right here in the United States. This allows us to deliver industry leading technology without the price tag.

World Class Technology

What The Police Think About Flock Safety

“With Flock’s system, we were able to successfully solve an incident that in any other situation would have been a cold case”

- Detective N. Yimer, Dekalb County Police

What The Police Think About Flock Safety

Simple and Affordable Pricing


Per Camera Annually

We recommend installing two cameras at each entrance and additional cameras at major intersections.

Not sure how many cameras you need? We are always happy to develop a custom security plan based on your unique layout, number of homes, and budget.

Have a need for more than 10 cameras? Let us know.

Included with every Flock Safety Camera


Professional Installation & Maintenance


30 days of Cloud Storage


LTE Cellular Connection

Automatic Updates

Automatic Updates

Ready to protect your community?

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