Can I use a Flock camera to capture activity in a specific area?

Recording activity over a specific area with a Flock camera is possible, but there are drawbacks.

Flock cameras have an intentionally narrow field of view, so the area we can cover is smaller than most surveillance products. Our motion detection works up to 75 feet, and the field of view at that distance is ~20 feet wide (about 1.5 lanes of traffic).

The infrared technology that we use to capture license plates illuminates reflective subject matter, so anything that is not reflective (license plate) or illuminated (light pattern of the vehicle) will be completely dark. These settings can be updated to better capture activity (pedestrians, vehicle description) at night, but your camera will no longer be able to accurately read license plates.

As a best practice, we recommend having a well-lit area to ensure the utmost security.