How does a Flock camera compare to other types of cameras?

Flock cameras are optimized for license plate capture. Our cameras capture reflective objects that are moving quickly very well.

Flock camera sensors are optimized for objects that are well lit or illuminated by infrared technology. Standard Flock cameras have an intentionally short shutter speed (how long the camera is open). This setting allows the camera to wake up and start taking pictures in a fraction of a second, and to capture multiple frames of a car traveling up to 75 MPH.

To capture pedestrians, we can most certainly adjust our cameras to prolong shutter speed — but the infrared does shine into the camera and can affect footage quality.

Flock cameras have an intentionally narrow field of view capable of capturing about one and a half lanes of traffic. Flock cameras can wake up and start taking pictures in less than a tenth of a second.

A doorbell camera is optimized for surveillance. Its settings are optimized for low light, and the shutter speed is slower. It captures non-reflective objects moving slowly (i.e. pedestrians) well. It does not capture reflective objects moving quickly (i.e. cars & license plates) well.