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If a crime occurs, give the police the evidence they need with Flock's wireless security camera.

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Designed to Solve Crime

Install Flock Safety's wireless license plate reading cameras in your neighborhood and log every car that enters or exits.

Read License Plates

Over 70% of crime occurs with a vehicle, so Flock Safety is able to capture vehicles traveling up to 55 MPH, day and night, and up to 75 ft away.

Install Everywhere

Traditional camera systems require significant infrastructure and upfront costs. Flock Safety leverages solar + battery for power, and cellular (LTE) for data communications, removing any upfront costs.

Fast Access

We store our footage in the cloud, so you can securely access the cameras from any laptop or phone.

Capture evidence

Install a Flock Safety camera on every street to capture the evidence needed to solve the crime.

Using advanced machine learning, Flock Safety turns 100s of hours of footage into the key images needed to make an arrest.

Discreet Design

Avoid the traditional eyesores of security cameras.

Flock Safety was designed in the United States specifically for neighborhoods.

Automatic updates

Unlike traditional cameras systems, Flock Safety updates automatically, so you always have the latest features and the best security.

The right system for you

Neighborhoods are as unique as the people in them, which is why Flock Safety is designed to cover a community of any size or shape. Check out how these customers use our wireless outdoor cameras to keep their community safe.

40 Homes | 1 Entrance | 1 Camera

After a string of car break-ins, Briaroaks partnered with Flock Safety to install a camera at the single entrance to their 40 home cul-de-sac.

With a single street, Briaroaks is well protected with just one camera.

90 Homes | 2 Entrance | 3 Cameras

Sutherland Place had discussed adding gates and explored traditional security systems, but the upfront costs and lack of service left them disappointed with their options.

After finding Flock Safety, they knew they had found the right partner. With no upfront costs, professional installation, and ongoing maintenance, they were excited to have a state-of-the-art system at a fraction of the cost.

550 Homes | 6 Entrance | 11 Cameras

Peachtree Park deployed a network of Flock Safety's wireless outdoor license plate reading cameras so in the event of criminal activity they could know not just who was in the neighborhood but also what car was on the specific street the crime occurred.

With over 10 cameras deployed, they are able to track over 3,000 cars a day.

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The most advanced security for neighborhoods

Modern software to solve crime and protect your community

Video vs. Still Image

Don't waste time combing through hours of footage with a traditional video camera. Flock Safety leverages advanced machine vision to turn video footage into high quality still frames so that you can quickly get to the moment the crime occurred and pass that over to the police to aid in their investigation.

Cloud vs. DVR

We store our images in the cloud rather than on the device itself so that it’s fast and easy to access footage when you need it.  This also allows us to continue to improve the software and deploy enhancements out to our cameras in real-time.

Machine Vision

With 10 cameras installed, that would traditionally generate 240 hours of footage every day, or over 7,000 hours of footage on a monthly basis. How do you quickly and confidently find the right information when you need it? 

Flock has developed sophisticated machine vision algorithms to reduce hours of footage across multiple cameras into a single simple to use interface that focuses on what you are looking for and not just the time of day. Creating an object based browsing experience.

Case Study: Helping Police Solve Crime in Your Neighborhood

In an Atlanta neighborhood, a new neighbor moved in and within a week, his garage was broken into and his $3,000 road bike was stolen. He reported the crime to the police...
Learn How Flock Safety Helped Solve the Case

One Click Away from Peace of Mind

Flock Safety is a full service company providing installation, maintenance, and ongoing development on both hardware and software.

Privacy & Access

Privacy is a top concern at Flock Safety, and we treat your data security seriously.

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Installation, maintenance, and monitoring are all taken care of by Flock Safety.

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Technical Specs

Flock Safety designs and develops the wireless, outdoor camera in-house.

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Every neighborhood is different and we want to make sure we provide the right solution for each.

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