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Our Founders on Privacy


Garrett Langley
Garrett Langley
Matt Feury


At Flock Safety, we create technology solutions to help solve and prevent crime. Our products are built for both private citizens and law enforcement officers to protect their communities, while taking privacy very seriously.

We didn’t start with a deep passion for crime fighting technology, but when we experienced crime in our communities and there wasn’t enough evidence to hand over to the police, we became passionate about developing a solution to help.

From the beginning, we knew our guiding principles would be rooted in making every day people safer in their communities without giving up basic rights to privacy.

When it comes to building our solutions, privacy is at the core of our design and factored into every product decision.



All data is securely stored in the cloud using the Amazon Web Services where all data (both footage and metadata) is fully encrypted at rest. Flock Safety is setting a new standard by permanently deleting all footage after 30 days, on a rolling basis.



Customers own 100% of their data, not Flock Safety. We do not access footage without explicit, written permission to help collect evidence in the event of a crime and will never share, sell, or monetize that information. Each customer determines who has access to their footage. Communities have the ability to grant an individual temporary access, so in the event of a crime, the neighborhood could grant a victim or police access to Flock footage for 24 hours.



We are in the business of solving crime, not monitoring or tracking driving patterns. Our customers know that the footage is to be used for an active investigation in solving a crime. If a resident does not want their vehicle to be captured by the Flock cameras in their community, we can do that. The Safelist feature, available at no additional cost, makes it so cameras can either mark your vehicle as a resident or delete your vehicle from the footage.


We work closely with our neighborhood and police customers across the nation to continuously improve our offerings, so we can deliver the best technology to help eliminate non-violent crime. Protecting the public is our ambitious goal, and we believe that our technology is capable of bringing that to a reality. 

Tap here to read our full privacy policy.