What to Expect from Flock Safety

Understanding installation, maintenance, and ownership


Flock installs cameras in the best place for your neighborhood. At a minimum, we place them near the entrance(s) but encourage our customers to consider placing them strategically throughout your community for maximum effectiveness.

Flock recommends two forms of installation based on the needs of each individual neighborhood: ground level and elevated. If elevated, Flock recommends an 8ft pole be installed. Flock is capable and happy to facilitate either installation type. Installation on a pole up to 8ft is included in the price.

Who is responsible for the Camera

Flock will install and maintain the Flock camera in your neighborhood.

If your camera is damaged or stolen, we will provide a replacement camera free of charge.


If a camera needs maintenance, a technician will be onsite within 72 hours.


Flock Safety does not monitor the footage of your cameras.

However, software is in place to measure the performance and quality of images which is used to preemptively diagnosis issues and schedule service calls.

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