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How Flock Safety's ALPR Camera System Works

The only ALPR crime-solving camera system with privacy protection measures built in.


Our Product

Flock Safety’s ALPR system securely captures images while the proprietary machine learning algorithm identifies a vehicle fingerprint including license plate, vehicle type, and vehicle color.
Vehicle License Plates

Read vehicle license plates up to 75 MPH, day & night, up to 75 ft. away.

Fast & Easy Footage Access

Access your private footage quickly and easily on the cloud via desktop or mobile.

Crime-Solving Cameras

Work with the only crime-solving camera system with privacy protection measures built in.

Get the most secure, crime-fighting security cameras available

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Flock Cameras Capture Vehicle Images

Over 70% of crime occurs with a vehicle, so Flock Safety is able to capture vehicles traveling up to 75 MPH and up to 75 ft away—day and night. 

Cameras are often installed at neighborhood entrances to capture images of all incoming vehicles.

As they pass by the camera, it captures multiple still images of each automobile. These images do not stay on the local device for long at all.


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Images Uploaded to Secure Cloud Server

Once images are captured, the camera almost immediately uploads them into our securely encrypted cloud server.

This means that even if an individual device is tampered with or vandalized, there will be no footage on the actual camera.

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Flock Safety-Product page hero
Do you want a stolen vehicle driving through your neighborhood? Neither do we.
Flock Safety's Hotlist integration can help police know if a stolen vehicle passed by the camera. 

Machine Learning System Creates “Vehicle Fingerprint”

Once in the secure cloud, Flock Safety’s proprietary machine learning process analyzes each image, creating what we call a “Vehicle Fingerprint™”.

This fingerprint groups all images of a single vehicle together as one, identifies the vehicle type and color, and reads and stores the license plate number.



Admin Portal Provides Easy Access to Footage

The vehicle fingerprint information is uploaded to Flock Safety’s Admin portal. Each neighborhood decides who has access to their Admin Portal--an HOA board member, a security committee, etc.

The Admin Portal makes it easy to search vehicle attributes in the case of a crime. If a neighbor knows the day and estimated time of the event, he or she can then search by license plate number, vehicle type or color, and more.


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Simple & Affordable Pricing

We recommend installing two cameras at each entrance & additional cameras at major intersections. Not sure how many cameras you need? We are always happy to develop a custom security plan based on your unique layout, number of homes, & budget. Have a need for more than 10 cameras? Let us know.

per camera, includes...


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Professional Installation & Maintenance


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30 days of Free Cloud Storage


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LTE Cellular Connection 


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Automatic Updates 



Footage Used to Help Police Solve Crime

If a crime occurs, users can give police access to their footage to help pinpoint the exact vehicle involved.

While doorbell cameras and video security footage can give homeowners a timeframe for when a crime happened, police need explicit, undeniable evidence to improve what they call “solvability.”

Flock Safety helps police and homeowners with crime at least 1-2 times a day.


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Talk to one of our Safety Experts to learn how we can help protect you from non-violent crimes.


The Most Advanced Security For Neighborhoods

Modern software to solve crime & protect your community.
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A Camera System Designed To Solve Crime

Install Flock Safety's wireless license plate reading cameras in your community, parking lot, etc., and log every car that enters or exits.
Read License Plates

Capture vehicles traveling up to 75 MPH, day and night, and up to 75 ft away.

Install Everywhere

Leverage solar + battery for power, and cellular (LTE) for data communications, removing any upfront costs.

Fast Footage Access

Footage is stored in the cloud, so you can quickly and securely access the cameras from any laptop or phone.

Capture Evidence

Use advanced machine learning to turn hundreds of hours of footage into key images needed to make arrests.

Discreet Design

Avoid the traditional eyesores of security cameras with our USA-designed systems specifically for neighborhoods.

Automatic Updates

Unlike traditional camera systems, Flock Safety updates automatically, so you always have the latest features and the best security.

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