What It's Like to be a Flock Customer

Learn more about what happens after you decide to go with Flock

Flock serves all types of communities - HOAs, civic associations, safety-conscious neighborhoods who come together without any type of association, even hotels with guests turning over each night. Our team understands that every community is unique, so we aim to address your community's needs while taking up as little of your time as possible.

Protecting your community with Flock happens in 5 easy steps -

Step 1: Setup Billing

Flock accepts payment via ACH, credit/debit card, and check. ACH is our recommended method, as it is the easiest for you to maintain on a recurring basis.

The initial year’s payment will be withdrawn at this time. Since there is approximately a 4-week window to finalize camera installation, all Flock contracts have a 13-month service term for year 1.

The payment for year 2 will be due after this initial 13-month term.

Step 2: Determine camera(s) placement

Our standard installation includes an 14ft black pole, on which we mount your camera and solar panel. The key factors when making this decision are, in order of priority:

- Clear line of sight to the sun for the majority of the day
- Proximity to the lane of travel desired for capture
- Discretion

Step 3: Install Flock camera(s)

Lead times vary, but you will receive an installation timeline once you setup billing. Flock partners with experienced technicians all over the country to install our cameras. Your presence is not required at installation, but we are happy to arrange it if it makes you more comfortable.

Step 4: Validate Flock camera(s)

Flock cameras need sunlight to charge and cellular connectivity to upload your footage to the cloud, so it is important to evaluate the performance of each camera after it is installed. This process typically takes 2 weeks and we do not bill you until after this is completed.

Step 5: Get footage access

Now that your cameras have been installed and validated for success you can now see your footage in our admin portal, and take advantage of all of our newest features - like the Safe List.

I've protected my community with Flock. Now what?

Flock's team is still around to help, so don't be shy in reaching out. Here are just a few of the ways to leverage their expertise:

A security incident happened in my community. You should always file a police report immediately in the event of a crime. Make Flock your next call. Our team can help you review footage to give law enforcement actionable evidence. We can even grant temporary access to the victim or law enforcement if needed.

My community has a security need that is not being met. We love feedback - and build new features from it every day. If you have an idea, let us know!

I'm new to the community and would like to learn more about how Flock makes it a safer place. It happens - people move, HOA boards turn over. Let us ensure your community is aware of the benefits that Flock provides!

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