Quick Installation, Instant Security

Tuesday: Flock Safety installed wireless security cameras in a neighborhood. Our team of engineers closely monitored the software to ensure that the system ran exactly as it should.
Everything worked perfectly.

Thursday: A neighbor noticed someone pulling on the handles of cars along the street, checking to see if any of them were unlocked. The suspect entered a black sedan with disabled plates and sped away.

In just minutes, the neighbor alerted the neighborhood association administer, who accessed Flock's easy-to-use interface. He was able to search for a black sedan, spotted the disabled license plate, and the camera's machine-learning software automatically captured and categorized the license plate number (note: license plate blurred for privacy).

The neighbor filed a police report and handed the actionable evidence over to the police.

“Within the first week of setting up the cameras we caught a would be thief!” - Steven D, neighborhood resident

Thanks to the quick installation, reliable hardware, and easy-to-use software, this neighborhood was able to stay safe immediately.

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