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TALON - the Total Analytics Law Officer's Network is the only ethically-designed local and national network of ALPRs for law enforcement officers.

Don’t waste your entire budget on mismatched data. Get FREE access to the entire network of vehicle reads, so you can gather the cross-jurisdictional evidence you need to close more cases.

“Flock Safety works on an interconnected system, allowing us to view footage from other jurisdictions. That’s a huge advantage.”

- Police Chief Irwin, Pell City Alabama
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Local and National Privacy Settings

You decide which law enforcement agencies have access to the your Flock Safety ALPRS. Want to share them locally? Nationally? Not at all? It's your choice whether you want to opt in to sharing footage with other agencies. When you share footage, you can help other agencies clear more cases.


“These devices are very helpful in deterring crime and tracking down suspects. The cameras prove their value almost immediately.”

Sgt. Joni Money, Jefferson County SO


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Cross-jurisdictional evidence to solve more crime

Know the license plate of the offender? Connect the time and place of the suspect vehicle to locations across jurisdiction lines. Easily share information with other agencies so you can quickly and efficiently clear the case.

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Learn how TALON can help your agency close more cases with an ethically-designed local and national network of ALPRs.
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