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Trusted by hundreds of police departments, national associations, HOAs, & more.

Find out more about how we can serve these customers and help keep them safe.


Stop crime in your area... no matter where it is.

Flock Safety's system is wireless and infrastructure-free. We are made to serve communities of all sizes.

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Flock Safety Overview
Here's what you can expect from us and our cameras.

Police & Public Safety Organizations

Next-level ALPR technology doesn’t have to cost your whole budget. Flock Safety partners with police to help get infrastructure-free APLR in more communities and increase solvability around crime.


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“With Flock’s system, we were able to successfully solve an incident that in any other situation would have been a cold case.”
Det. N. Yimer
Dekalb County Police Department, Georgia

Increase Solvability with Better Technology

When we talk to police, the number one issue they emphasize is solvability. While doorbell cameras and other security measures can help piece together the puzzle, it doesn’t help solve crime.

Flock Safety’s ALPR technology makes solvability easy. Our cameras capture the hard evidence that you can use to make an arrest before a case goes cold and resources dry up. 

License plates captured using Flock’s infrastructure-free, solar-powered system are connected to hot list integration, as well. This means that neighborhoods using Flock can connect to your wanted list and send you notifications when a “hot tag” passes a Flock camera.

Be Everywhere at Once

We’ve heard from police representatives at all levels that it’s hard to “be everywhere at once.” They want to help prevent and solve crime along with everything else they’re assigned to do in any given day.

But Flock Safety’s ALPR technology gets police and public safety officials closer to being everywhere at once. Flock’s cameras help police keep an eye on areas they most likely aren’t able to patrol 24/7, instantly analyzing vehicle license plates that pass by the camera’s view.

ALPRs help police keep their community safer by allowing them an extra set of eyes in the areas they work so hard to protect, but just aren't able to reach due to a lack of manpower coverage.


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HOAs & Neighborhood Organizations

Stop crime in your neighborhood with next-level ALPR cameras from Flock Safety. Neighborhoods with Flock see a 30-50% crime reduction.

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Capture License Plate Images

Our infrastructure-free, solar-powered ALPR cameras take photos based on movement. When a car drives by, the camera is triggered to capture a series of images that our software later pieces together into one group of photos to create a vehicle profile.

Create “Vehicle Fingerprint” with Machine Learning

Flock’s next-level machine learning process creates a “vehicle fingerprint” for every non-resident vehicle that enters your neighborhood. The software categorizes each automobile by model (car, truck, motorcycle, etc.) as well as color and groups the info together into a single vehicle profile.

“Criminals need to know you're going to be on the camera, and the police are going to get a copy. Flock cameras have already been successful.”

Stolen Dog Returns to Family Thanks to Flock Safety - Learn More!

Jon Alion, HOA Board Member
Fort Mill, SC
Save Images Securely to Cloud

Images aren’t on the actual camera for very long. All captures are sent to our secure cloud server with enhanced encryption. Images are only available to those in your neighborhood who have approved access to the admin portal.

Scan Footage Easily in Case of Crime

If a crime does occur in your area, the machine learning model makes it easy to scan based on the information you have: day, time of day, and vehicle type, color, and more. Don’t spend hours sifting through footage to find what you need. Search and find it in minutes.

Start reducing non-violent crime near you today. 


Property & Community Managers

Flock Safety offers partnerships that help Property Management firms add the benefit of security to their neighborhoods— and take the hassle out of implementation.

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Save Time & Keep Your Properties Safer

We’ve spoken to thousands of property managers across the United States, and the common complaint they all have is a lack of time.

Many property managers chose their job for flexibility and their love of building communities. But sometimes the manual work takes over. One community manager we spoke to said she spent DAYS searching through security footage when a crime happened in one of her properties.

When they got Flock Safety, though, those hours went down to minutes. Flock’s Customer Success team can even take over that duty for you.

Make HOA-Property Manager Partnerships more Effective

Working with neighborhood HOA board members can be hit or miss for many Property Managers. However, the relationship renewal is often in the hands of these board members.

Ensure your HOAs and neighborhoods feel taken care of and secure by partnering with Flock Safety. Our ALPR technology was designed for neighborhoods to help protect families and their privacy.

We understand where you’re coming from. Check out this webinar from our Community Safety Expert on the best ways to prove your value to your communities.

“Flock Safety saves my properties a lot of money and saves me a lot of time. It’s a benefit for any property or community manager."

Jessica Cox, CMCAAMS Senior Community Associate Manager
Leland Management
Security Technology: Do More With Less

Most security technology is either too expensive for neighborhoods to use or doesn’t provide community benefits that help prevent or solve crime.

Doorbell and home cameras can help communities piece together events, but don’t give police the evidence they need to act on and solve a crime.

As the trusted community advisor, Property Managers have a leg up in helping their neighborhoods determine the best security solutions that help prevent and solve crime--and don’t cost a fortune.

Technology like Flock Safety’s helps community managers and neighborhoods do more with a single security technology.

Partner with Flock to Protect Your Properties

Property Management companies know the value of protecting their communities. Not only does it elevate their profiles, but it helps their properties see value in having a neighborhood association company.

Flock offers partnerships that help Property Management firms add the benefit of security to their neighborhoods--and take the hassle out of implementation.

Flock Safety’s neighborhood-friendly ALPR cameras include installation, maintenance, intuitive footage search software, customer support, and more--for a single subscription.

"I knew we needed a turn-key solution that did it all (took photos, stored photos, uploaded photos to the cloud and allowed for easy searching of license plates). The rest as they say is history. Flock checked all the boxes for what we needed, so it was a no brainer to go with it.”

Sheri, Flock Safety customer
Bishop, GA

Individual Homeowners

Flock Safety is the only neighborhood security system that helps prevent and solve crime, but also focuses on resident privacy.

CALL NOW: 866-901-1781
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Neighborhood Security Made Affordable

Hiring an entrance guard, installing and maintaining a gate, and other security measures are often too expensive for most neighborhoods to afford.

But, peace of mind doesn’t have to be out of your price range. Flock Safety’s ALPR systems are an all-in-one security package. The annual price includes the following:

  • A specialized safety plan for your neighborhood

  • Consultations with security on-boarding specialists

  • Signs to inform community about security recording 

  • Proprietary use of our specialized camera hardware

  • Installation with a professional technician 

  • Camera maintenance, as needed

  • Regular software updates

  • Intuitive admin portal for your users with access,

  • Guaranteed data privacy, and

  • Dedicated specialists to help your neighborhood in the case of a crime.

But Flock Safety is more than just affordable security--it’s evidence that actually solves crime. Your peace of mind is worth the price.

"I live in a very safe community, but there are car break-ins, mail stolen from mailboxes, and packages stolen from porches. Our street is a cul-de-sac, so it was perfect for one Flock camera.

Our Flock camera was installed September 2018. On January 12, 2019, cars on our street were broken into and items were stolen. We quickly found the suspect car on Flock footage and the police quickly made arrests. My neighbors and I are all so thankful that we have Flock Safety."

Sheri, Flock Safety Customer
Atlanta, GA
Make Security a Topic of Conversation

Neighbors often aren't worried about crime in their communitiesuntil something happens. When we talk to homeowners and property managers across the United States, we often hear, “Oh, we don’t have crime.”

However, according to data from UNC Charlotte, it’s often the neighborhoods whose residents feel the safest that are the easiest targets for property crime. In fact, most burglars are able to break into cars and homes easilyas doors are left unlocked.

The same study also showed that the mere presence of security technology prevents property crime.

Start talking to your community about security now and learn how Flock can KEEP your crime-free neighborhood safe.

Sign Up for a Dedicated Security Plan and Team

Flock Safety helps clients with an average of 1 or 2crimes a day.

Whether it’s assisting victims in finding footage, connecting homeowners to local police, or advising HOAs on next steps, we have a team dedicated to keeping your communities safe. No other ALPR or security camera comes with a team committed to ensuring your success with their system.

Learn how our team is dedicated to going above and beyond to eliminate nonviolent crime.

Schools, Apartment Complexes, & More

College campuses, high schools, apartment complexes, parking decks, and many other locations with vehicle traffic have benefited from Flock Safety ALPRs.

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School campuses use Flock Safety to track incoming and outgoing traffic

Flock’s ALPR systems can help educational facilities maintain security while understanding the goings on in parking lots and nearby roads.

Some schools have traffic monitors and parking lot security guards to help check in visitors and observe parking area activities. Flock Safety ALPR cameras can serve as supplemental measures for these safety officers to help identify visitors who are not students, faculty, or staff.

Apartment property managers keep residents safe with Flock ALPRs

Parking areas for apartments are often high-traffic areas. Even if your property has a gate for residents, it could be easy for non-residents to slip in behind another car.

With ALPR technology in your apartment or townhome property, you’ll be able to both prevent crime with the security recording warning and solve any crime that does happen. With license plate numbers, police have hard evidence that they can act on when a crime occurs.

Parking decks and structures reduce and solve crime

More than 1 in 10 property crimes occurred in parking lots or garages, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. But studies also show that having security cameras help prevent crime as people are on the lookout for ways they could be caught.

Flock Safety’s ALPR cameras are the next level of security for parking structures. If a crime does occur, your team only needs a timeframe and few general characteristics to catch a criminal and give police the evidence to put that person behind bars.

Other organizations benefit from Flock Safety

Not named here? Flock Safety still might be able to help. Business owners who want to protect their property or clients can use ALPR to solve crime in the event that it happens.

Signs that explicitly state that anyone in the vicinity is being recorded also help prevent crime, as burglars have admitted in a UNC study. Flock has even helped one property go from 3 incidents a week--to zero. Check our our case studies to learn more, or click below to chat with our team.

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