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70% of all serious crime involves motor vehicles.

Protect your community & privacy with our full-service security technology that quickly arms police with usable evidence from vehicle license plates. 


How Customers are Staying Safe with Flock

“When crime reached an all-time high in our community, we knew that additional security was needed. We installed Flock Safety cameras at both of our neighborhood entrances - since then, we haven't had a single incident.”

Blake M.
Mableton, GA

“Flock Safety is a relatively inexpensive camera technology that is helping to solve and prevent crimes right here in our community."

Lt. D. Strickland
LaGrange, GA Police Dept.

"As a mom, one of my main priorities is keeping my family safe. I am less stressed and more at ease knowing I have eyes on my block with the Flock Safety camera. You can even separate photos of cars, animals, people, & bicycles when viewing footage."

South Carolina

Our mission is to fight & end non-violent crime. Call us today. 


Prevent crime with Flock Safety1

Prevent Crime

60% of property crime perpetrators admit to changing their minds if they see security cameras on a property.
  • Use ALPR cameras

    ALPR cameras for neighborhoods can help keep perpetrators away.

  • Signage

    Every camera comes with signage to let everyone who enters your neighborhood know their license plates are being recorded.

Prevent crime with Flock Safety2

Protect Your Data

Flock Safety is the only ALPR company that takes your privacy and data seriously.
  • Own your footage

    We don’t share or sell your data. Period. Your neighborhood 100% owns the data.

  • Cloud access & storage

    Flock will access your data only if you give us express permission. And all data is securely stored with advanced encryption with our cloud provider Amazon Web Services.

“With Flock Safety's system, we were able to successfully solve an incident that in any other situation would have been a cold case."
Detective N. Yimer
Dekalb County, GA Police Dept.
How Police Utilize Flock ALPRs
Prevent crime with Flock Safety3

Increase Solvability

If a crime does occur, police need actionable evidence. There is sometimes only a 13% chance law enforcement is able to make arrests due to a lack of evidence.
  • Facial recognition

    Facial recognition isn’t as foolproof as license plate numbers. License plates provide indisputable evidence that increase what police call “solvability.”

  • Solvability

    Solvability is the ability to piece information together so police can determine the who, what, when, where, why, and how.... and put bad guys behind bars.

Prevent crime with Flock Safety4

Easy-to-Use System

Flock cameras are both infrastructure-free and easy to use.
  • Automatic updates

    Unlike traditional camera systems, Flock Safety cameras update automatically, so you always have the latest features and the best security.

  • Quick & easy footage searching

    If a crime does occur, our footage portal makes sorting by vehicle characteristics easier than any other security software. Turn 100s of hours searching through to find the footage you need into a few minutes with Flock’s machine learning.

"My new, high-end bicycle was stolen from my house within my first week of moving to the Atlanta area. Thankfully, the Flock camera system along my street captured the criminal’s face, tag number, and car in enough detail to view my bike in the trunk and provide local law enforcement enough evidence to arrest the criminal. It was later found that the criminal was responsible for several other thefts in both my neighborhood and Atlanta suburb. If my neighbor had not installed the Flock camera system along our street, the criminal might still be at large, and my bike would not have been returned to me."
Chris. G
Atlanta, GA

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