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70% of crime involves a motor vehicle.

 Law enforcement agencies say a license plate is the best piece of evidence to track leads and solve crimes. Facial recognition technology fails. Don’t rely on it to keep your community safe.


Our mission is to fight & end non-violent crime. Call us today. 


Prevent crime with Flock Safety1-1

It's too easy to be a thief.

87% of property crime goes unsolved because police don't have enough evidence. Capture license plates and give police the evidence needed to track leads and solve crime. REQUEST A DEMO
  • Home security systems don't hurt.

    Some would-be criminals may be thwarted by the presence of home security systems. Unfortunately, many police departments no longer dispatch for alarms due to volume of false positives.

  • Doorbell cameras may help.

    You might see if an incident occurs and get a crystal clear image of a suspect's face. But if you don't know the person and the police don't know the person, you'll need more evidence to get a lead.


License plates are public information.

When you drive your car in public, there's no expectation of privacy. REQUEST A DEMO
  • "There really isn't a fourth amendment issue."

    There are no real legal issues because the cameras are being placed on public property, with clearly posted signs, according to ACLU public policy director Denise Maes in the Denver Channel.

  • Who has access and for how long, matters.

    Flock will access your data only if you give us express permission. And all data is securely stored with advanced encryption with our cloud provider Amazon Web Services.

“With Flock Safety's system, we were able to successfully solve an incident that in any other situation would have been a cold case."
Detective N. Yimer
Dekalb County, GA Police Dept.
How Police Utilize Flock ALPRs

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