Flock is your virtual security guard

Install Flock's wireless license plate reading cameras in your neighborhood and log every car that enters or exits.

When a crime occurs, give the police the evidence they need to help.

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A Camera Built for Neighborhoods

The first of its kind. Install anywhere, completely wireless.

Solar powered, 3g cellular connection, automatic license plate, night vision, wireless camera

Track every vehicle

Get detailed information on every vehicle that enters and exits the neighborhood.

Get a view of all important activity
License plate detection at any speed

Automatic License Plate Reading

Detect vehicles traveling up to 55 MPH at 50ft, and leverage our machine vision algorithm and optical character recognition for license plate detection.

Protect Privacy

Allow residents to "opt out" from being captured on camera.

Let Everyone Know

Flock provides metal signs for existing posts.

Simple search. Quick results.

Don't waste hours scrubbing video. Instantly find the images you want with our intelligent search.

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