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Frequently Asked Questions

82% of non-violent crime goes unsolved in the United States. It's not because police aren't doing their job, it's because they lack good evidence. So we set out to build a product that could actually help solve crime. And it became clear that the best way to do that was to provide better evidence to police. We built our cameras with Automatic License Plate Recognition (LPR) capabilities. Because we hear time and again from law enforcement that a license plate is the best piece of evidence.

Yes! Flock Safety has helped provide the evidence for police to solve countless cases including, aggravated assault, serial identity theft in Georgia, serial identity theft in California, an AMBER alert, recovering stolen vehicles, and much more. In some cities, the presence of Flock Safety has reduced crime by over 60%, as reported by local police.

Pricing is pretty straight-forward. For neighborhoods, on a two-year contract, it's $2,000 / camera / year. This includes everything - installation, maintenance, footage hosting, cellular service, and software updates.

Our police-grade camera system is $2,500 / camera / year with a one-time $250 installation cost. This includes - maintenance, footage hosting, cellular service, unlimited hotlist alerts, and software updates.

Footage is held temporarily on the camera for initial processing before being sent to the cloud. All footage from the cameras is stored in cloud and automatically deleted every 30 days on a rolling basis. You can securely access the footage from any laptop or smartphone. It’s fast and easy to access footage when you need it. This also allows us to continue to improve the software and deploy enhancements out to our cameras in real-time.

Even though license plates are public information, and when you drive your car in public, there's no expectation of privacy, we built Flock Safety with a privacy-first mindset.

The three most important questions with camera footage are: Who has access to the footage? What can they do with it? How long does the footage exist?

With Flock Safety, you own all the footage and you decide who gets to access it. No one can monitor the footage because there is no live view. The footage is only used to help police capture the evidence to solve crime. And the data is securely stored with advanced AES-256 encryption with our cloud provider Amazon Web Services, where it is automatically deleted every 30 days on a rolling basis. Read more about our thoughts on privacy here.