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Flock Safety exists to eliminate crime from our communities. 

We believe that safety starts, not when you enter your home or even your property, but when you enter your community. We are stronger when we all work together and that's why Flock Safety developed technology specifically designed to help private citizens and local law enforcement work together to stop crime.

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What Our Employees Say

"When you have a mission that directly impacts helping people by solving crime, it’s hard not to bring 110% every day. The team, the mission, and the challenge of creating something new is amazing. I look forward to seeing the positive impact we continue to make across the country." 
"Working at Flock is exciting. Every day holds new challenges filled with opportunities to contribute towards a more efficient and reliable system, striving towards the effort of making our communities safer. I get to work alongside people who are driven and passionate about what they do within a culture that promotes constant learning and growth, allowing me to better myself as an engineer."
Development, Software Engineer
"Successes are tracked and celebrated. There is a big focus on work/life balance. When people come in early and stay late, it's because they enjoy what they're working on and want to see the company succeed. Our mission helps everyone in the areas where our safety cameras are installed and there's a real sense that we're doing something positive." 
Police & Public Safety

Our Core Values

Read more about each individual Value below.
Winning as a Team
Act Fast
Use Data to Focus
Do the Work
Constant Learning
Change the World

We celebrate success, not vanity metrics. We value each part of the company, as without them, our individual jobs are impossible. Every person’s success relies on another department’s success, so when one group wins, we all win.

We prioritize organizational velocity over accuracy. We place small bets to minimize risk and create optionality, but once confident we move fast to increase the bet. We don’t worry about what can scale. Needing to scale is the type of good problem that is always solvable. Finding impactful projects with clear results is far more important and far more difficult. Worrying about scale leads to indecision and overly complicated rollouts.

We believe that objective results and data are better than opinions. What you track tends to get better, so track more than less. Use data and results to determine where to focus. Avoid the shiny balls and focus on what is actually making an impact. Track your results week over week, even day over day if the change is big enough.

Regardless of whose work it is, just do the work. Act. Don’t complain or hold onto your projects with closed fists. We rely on our team, our managers, and our colleagues to be successful. It doesn’t matter whose “job” it is, just get the work done.

We value slope over intercept when it comes to people. To have a steep slope, you need to spend time learning. We believe in reading, listening, and engaging in debate. Expose yourself to new ideas both in and out of the office. Be interested and willing to learn about things that seem random. This is everything from writing code, to making tea, or reading about the history of toilets in the Roman era. Talk with people outside of your department, outside of our industry, and outside of technology. The best ideas come from the combination of existing ideas in various fields.

Our goal is to stop nonviolent crime. A lofty goal for sure, but one we certainly intend to achieve. We set aggressive, but objectively reachable goals. We are long-term optimists that Flock, technology, and we individually can make a positive impact on the world.


Life at Flock Safety


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Current Openings

Why join the Flock?

When you join the Flock, you are joining a diverse team of passionate, ambitious, intelligent people that put team over self. We offer competitive salary, benefits, and the opportunity to grow your career at a fast-paced, high growth start up. We genuinely care about the well-being of our employees both in and out of the office and understand the importance of work/life balance. We’d love for you to join us in the fight to eliminate non-violent crime, one neighborhood at a time.