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Neighborhoods & Apartments

Prevent criminals from entering your residential community
Benefits include:
24/7 automatic alerts to law enforcement
Deterrence of wanted criminals
No additional utility bills
Maintenance-free security solution
Securely stored footage

Businesses & Schools

Build a virtual security perimeter around your business or campus to protect it from crime
Benefits include:
24/7 automatic alerts to security team or law enforcement
Deter theft, vandalism and unauthorized access to your property
Proactively address known threats
Generate investigative leads with objective evidence
Access time-saving software

Law Enforcement Agencies

Protect your communities with investigative tools and real-time intelligence 
Benefits include:
Improve operational efficiency and maximize investment with a single provider
Accelerate case clearance with better evidence
Identify real-time suspect leads with LPR, video and simple software
Fast, scalable deployment
Enhanced situational awareness from a safe distance

What our partners have to say

They have done a lot to help the victims of crime and that’s what we’re all about.
Linda Gorton

City of Lexington

Before we got Flock, we had trailers stolen, bicycles stolen, porch pirates, petty theft and in the two years that we've had the Flock system, no crime at all.
Bruce Krefting
HOA Member

Beverly Hills Lake Estates II

This is the single greatest change since DNA – what this system does is a game-changer.
Matt Murray
Chief of Police

Yakima Police Dept.