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If a crime occurs, give the police the evidence they need with Flock's wireless automatic license plate reading (ALPR) cameras

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Flock Safety's technology helps neighborhoods and police in 1-2 crime cases EVERY DAY.

Designed to Solve Crime

Flock Safety's wireless, infrastructure free, license plate reading cameras are professionally installed in your neighborhood to capture the evidence police need to solve crime

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Case Study: This Atlanta Criminal is in Jail

In an Atlanta neighborhood, a new neighbor moved in and within a week, his garage was broken into and his $3,000 road bike was stolen. He reported the crime to the police...

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Neighborhoods of Any size

Neighborhoods are as unique as the people in them, which is why Flock Safety is designed to cover a community of any size or shape. 

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security as a service

Learn more about Accessing footage, installation / maintenance, and the technical details of Flock Safety's camera system.

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What the Police Think about Flock Safety

“With Flock’s system, we were able to successfully solve an incident that in any other situation would have been a cold case”

- Detective N. Yimer, Dekalb County Police

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Every neighborhood is different and we want to make sure we provide the right solution for each.

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