Retail Crime

Flock Safety Helps Storefront Boost Case Closure Rate to an Impressive 97%

June 8, 2023

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Retail Crime

Flock Safety Helps Storefront Boost Case Closure Rate to an Impressive 97%

The Challenge: Improving a local storefront’s case closure rates amidst rising theft levels and retail shrink

Retail shrink amounted to $94.5 billion in losses in 2021, according to the 2022 National Retail Security Survey by the National Retail Federation (NRF), with 37% of those losses being attributed to external theft.

A Fortune 500 big-box retailer’s Alabama storefront was experiencing acute retail shrink impacts after becoming a target for out-of-town shoplifters – especially during the holiday season. This ongoing issue led their Asset Protection Associate to search for new solutions to help increase case closure rates and minimize losses.

The Solution: Create a virtual LPR perimeter around the store’s parking lot to capture actionable vehicle evidence

In an effort to combat this increase in theft, the retailer chose to equip their storefront with Flock Safety Falcon® LPR cameras. Their goal was to empower their Asset Protection team with actionable evidence needed to partner with local law enforcement for investigations. Not only did this enable the team to improve their case closure rate, but it also acted as a deterrent for criminals.

The Results: An impressive 97% success rate in solving retail theft cases

Within the first 90 days of implementing Flock Safety Falcon® LPR cameras, the retailer solved three theft cases that would have otherwise been unresolved. Additionally, Flock Safety’s Falcon® LPR cameras helped this storefront improve its case closure rate by more than 25%, bringing it to an impressive 97% success rate. The store also cut its inventory shrinkage score by nearly 50% year-over-year, becoming the leader in their market in inventory. With the successful identification of suspects via Flock Safety's Falcon® LPR cameras, the retailer was able to minimize overall losses by recovering stolen merchandise.

Use Case 1: Repeat Shoplifting Offenders Apprehended

Flock Safety's Falcon® LPR cameras immediately began proving their worth in the first month with the apprehension of two repeat shoplifting offenders. The suspects came to the store almost daily, and they would under-ring merchandise at self-checkout registers. Using Flock, the Asset Protection Associate (APA) was able to identify the suspect’s license plate and add it to a custom Flock Safety Hot List. The next time the suspects entered the parking lot their license plate was flagged, and the APA notified law enforcement immediately. They were able to quickly apprehend and charge the suspects – ultimately preventing further theft and losses.

Use Case 2: False Damage Claims Debunked

Another unique use case of the Flock Safety Falcon® LPR cameras came when the retailer’s auto center was accused of damaging a vehicle that was serviced. When the APA searched for the vehicle in the Flock system using their license plate, they uncovered images that clearly showed it entering the premises with the dent prior to service. The images discredited the claim and prevented what would have been a $4,000 loss.

Use Case 3: ORC Group Efforts Thwarted

The Flock Safety Falcon® LPR cameras also aided in the identification and apprehension of an organized retail crime (ORC) group that committed a string of thefts amounting to approximately $130,000 of stolen merchandise across several stores. By providing the license plate associated with the ORC group, the APA was able to work with local law enforcement to apprehend the suspects and prevent ongoing theft from this group.

The use of Flock Safety Falcon® LPR cameras has significantly improved this retailer’s case closure rate. In addition, it has yielded improved inventory count and bottom line, enabled better customer service, and created an overall safer retail environment.

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