Community Safety

The Hands-Off Security Solution for Property Managers

March 15, 2019

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Community Safety

The Hands-Off Security Solution for Property Managers

We get it, managing a property is no small feat, let alone managing anywhere from three to five properties at a time. With so many residents and locations under one belt, it can be challenging for property managers to stay on top of residential issues that sometimes pop up overnight, like burglaries, car break-ins, or even gate ramming.

One property manager we spoke to was averaging three crime incidents a week at just one of his communities in a different state.

Between the hours spent hunting down evidence from afar, calling residents to conduct interviews, and speaking with police, all for one crime case at one community, many community managers don’t have much time left in their workday to complete other tasks expected of them.

Then, there’s the added cost for the client or community.

Because of the time and the money spent ironing out insurance details, property crimes can make, and then break, disgruntled residents, leading to high resident turnover rates and a bad impression on potential new residents.

So, what can property and community managers do to help them hand off evidence to police without having to spend hours out of their day?

It comes down to having the right kind of evidence.

The number one request from police when it comes to solving more crime isn’t to get more detailed descriptions of burglars or criminals. Police say the most actionable piece of evidence that allows them to solve a case is a vehicle license plate.

With Automatic License Plate Reading (ALPR) cameras, property managers don’t have to spend hours combing through video footage. ALPRs automatically capture an image of a vehicle’s license plate and sends them to a secure database that allows users to quickly run searches by plate number or vehicle color.

But there’s a catch. Most traditional Automatic License Plate Readers can run anywhere between $10,000 – $30,000 per camera. While this hefty price might not deter large property management companies, it’s certainly not budget-friendly for smaller companies.

Here’s where Flock Safety comes in.

Flock Safety is the only Automatic License Plate Reading system neighborhoods can afford. Our system is designed to be a hands-off, crime-preventing solution for neighborhoods, property managers, and law enforcement.

Flock’s technology doesn’t just capture license plate characters. It also captures and reads the color and type of a vehicle (car, truck, or motorcycle) even if it only has a paper plate or no plate at all. Flock’s system also has the ability to capture objects like animals, pedestrians, or bicycles.

This changes the game when it comes to time savings. Even if the only information a resident has is a timeframe an incident occurred or the color of a car, property managers can quickly search and pull up footage to send to police. This saves hours of time when it comes to searching through footage.

By using Flock Safety’s Automatic License Plate Readers, property and community managers can help residents feel safer and help police solve crimes faster, while having more time during the day to tackle the rest of their to-do list.

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