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$1,000 Worth of Property Damage, Recovered

Featured on KHOU 11


Move over, doorbell cameras.

The next generation of security devices are here. Homeowners Associations (HOAs) are using automatic license plate readers, which capture the number one piece of evidence requested by law enforcement - the license plate - to help catch criminal suspects.

Flock Safety automatic license plate readers have been up in the Lanai Subdivision located near Mont Belvieu outside of Houston, TX for more than a year.

Lanai HOA President James Barrett

HOA President James Barrett said, “We went from a crime every two to three weeks, to once a year. And that case has been solved.”

Barrett was referring to this 18-wheeler that caused over $1,000 worth of property damage. Thanks to Flock Safety, they were able to capture the license plate, give it local detectives, bring the driver to justice, and recover the lost funds.

Lanai 18-wheeler

According to KHOU11, “There’s no doubt that the technology is a great crime fighting tool.” But how does Flock Safety handle privacy?

“For me, like a lot of people nowadays, it’s, “What are you doing with this information? What can be done with this information? Does this information really need to be out?” But the only people who have access to it are the three board members and the Sheriff’s Department,” said Clint McWhirter, Lanai HOA Board Member.

Additionally, after 30 days, all of the footage captured is deleted immediately with no exceptions unless the HOA were to save that footage for an investigation. The footage is 100 percent owned by the Lanai HOA, and Flock Safety will not share it or sell the data.

Flock Safety automatic license plate readers are installed in over 500 cities across 38 states and provides automatic license plate readers for law enforcement agencies, businesses, schools, and neighborhoods.