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Flock Safety Announces Partnership with Innovia Co-op

Flock Safety is excited to announce a partnership with Innovia Co-op.

Flock Safety is excited to announce a partnership with community association cooperative Innovia co-op.

Comprised of the most talented and progressive companies in North America, Innovia aims to empower community management companies and self-managed homeowner associations with its 30 years of co-op experience and expertise. Innovia makes it easier for independent community and homeowner association managers to run their communities while making everyone more profitable.

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Innovia is a division of CCA Global Partners, one of the nation’s leading purchasing cooperatives.

“Fresh thinking, integrity, and delivering unparalleled service are at the heart of everything we do. We bring together like-minded members to leverage the power of scale. Our services are centered on empowering you to improve your bottom line through purchasing power, marketing support, and the ability to offer your clients and members more.”

— Mary Hurand, CMCA®, AMS®, PCAM®, President of Innovia co-op

Innovia co-op provides management services to over 50 independent management companies and provides value through collaboration and bundled buying power.

"We are excited to partner with community management industry leader Innovia. Our partnership will allow us to work with Innovia in providing safety solutions for more neighborhoods and communities across the country."

— Garrett Langley, Founder and CEO of Flock Safety

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