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How this California Neighborhood Caught Footage of a Drive-By Shooting Suspect

The neighborhood had a Flock Safety camera that saw the suspect’s vehicle.

By Janice Ng

The challenge: a drive-by shooter targets a bicyclist on a busy road

On a major thoroughfare in a city near San Francisco, a car drove past a bicyclist and fired shots from an air or pellet gun before driving off. The bicyclist sustained minor injuries but was able to identify the vehicle as a white Mercedes.

This incident happened outside a neighborhood that had recently protected their neighborhood with Flock Safety.

To improve the safety of their homes and their surrounding community, the neighborhood installed three Flock Safety license plate reading cameras that captured footage of vehicles and objects exiting their street.

The solution: calling on a nearby neighborhood

The bicyclist immediately reported the drive-by shooting to local police. Thanks to strong community partnerships, the police knew the nearby neighborhood had Flock Safety cameras installed.

Police were also familiar with Flock’s features that allow authorized users to search footage captured by timeframe, vehicle type (car, truck, motorcycle, etc), and vehicle color.

The police department quickly reached out to the neighborhood with details on the drive-by shooting and requested permission to view footage from their Flock Safety cameras.

Since this neighborhood had installed cameras to improve not just their own safety but the safety of their community, they gave permission to both the police department and to Flock Safety’s Crime Team to help look through footage.

They wanted to hand every possible piece of actionable evidence to police so they could help bring justice to the victim.

The results: finding clear footage of the suspect’s vehicle

With details of the make and color of the vehicle, and with permission from the neighborhood, Flock’s Crime Team narrowed down the search to a white car within a specified timeframe.

Flock Safety search portal San Francisco area search

Example of a Flock Safety portal search using build, color, and timeframe

Flock Safety’s Crime Team was able to find a clear image of a white Mercedes that matched the timeframe of the bicyclist’s report. Together with the neighborhood, Flock Safety was able to hand actionable evidence over to police.


Originally published: 2019-06-14 15:25:07