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Atlanta Neighborhood Recovers Stolen $3,000 Road Bike Using Flock Safety

Learn how one Atlanta neighborhood was able to use Flock's wireless license plate reading camera to solve a crime.

The Crime

In an Atlanta neighborhood, a new neighbor moved in and within a week, his garage was broken into and his $3,000 road bike was stolen. He reported the crime to the police but with no actionable evidence to go on, the investigation was at a dead end.

The Crime

How Flock Safety Helped

The neighborhood had recently installed Flock's wireless camera system to protect the community. Equipped with a general timeframe of when the crime occurred, the neighbor was able to quickly access Flock's footage and pull down the license plate information for all non-resident vehicles over that time period.

In the footage, there was a photo of the criminal leaving the neighborhood with the neighbor's bike in the back of his car.

Not only did Flock capture that photo, but there was more footage of the criminal's face, the type of vehicle, and most importantly, the license plate number. The neighbor promptly shared those photos with the police and they were able to solve the crime within a few weeks.


What People Are Saying

“With Flock’s system, we were able to successfully solve an incident that in any other situation would have been a cold case” 
- Detective N. Yimer, Dekalb County Police
"My new, high-end bicycle was stolen from my house within my first week of moving to the Atlanta area. Thankfully, the Flock camera system along my street captured the criminal’s face, tag number, and car in enough detail to view my bike in the trunk and provide local law enforcement enough evidence to arrest the criminal. It was later found that the criminal was responsible for several other thefts in both my neighborhood and Atlanta suburb. If my neighbor had not installed the Flock camera system along our street, the criminal might still be at large, and my bike would not have been returned to me."
- Chris G., Atlanta, GA

More about Flock Safety

Flock Safety provides the most advanced security for neighborhoods. With its 24-hour wireless cameras designed to capture license plates, Flock Safety gathers information that can be used by local police to investigate crime. Flock’s protection is built for neighborhoods, communities, and cities.

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