Audio Detection

Flock Safety Raven®

Flock Safety Raven®

Pair audio detection with LPR and video cameras to transform your response to "shots fired" calls and improve your ability to solve and prevent gun-related crimes.

Faster than 911

With <60 second alerts, quickly dispatch officers to secure the scene, locate victims and preserve critical evidence.

Identify real-time LPR and video leads

Use FlockOS® to search the area of a shooting for potential suspects via integrated LPR and live video.

Build stronger gun-related crime cases

Collect vital audio and geospatial data to corroborate physical evidence - like shell casings.

Start small and scale

With affordable ¼ square mile coverage, focus budget on driving results in the areas with the highest gun crime rates.

Build your network

Audio Detection + LPR + Video

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Flock Safety Falcon Flex™

Location-flexible LPR for temporary coverage with easy, self-serve relocation and installation

Flock Safety Falcon®

Eliminate crime on every roadway with revolutionary LPR for the whole community

Flock Safety Falcon® LR

Get clear footage of vehicles traveling over 100mph across multiple lanes and long distances

Flock Safety Condor™

Respond safely and increase case clearance with remote-controlled, live and recorded on-scene video

What our partners have to say

Raven has helped us uncover 30% more gunfire in the community than we previously believed.
David Sparks
Senior Crime & Intel Analyst

Albany Police Department (GA)

The ability to respond quickly to gunfire with Raven and identify a suspect vehicle using Flock Safety LPR cameras led to the resolution of a violent crime in just under 90 minutes.
Sarah Tada
Support Services Manager

Morgan Hill Police Department (CA)

We’ve been looking into gunshot detection for years. When you have gunshot detection by itself, you’ll have officers going to an area to search for shell casings, but that’s all you’ll get. The reason we chose Raven is due to the incredible power of Flock’s LPR.
Stuart VanHoozer
Chief of Police

Cobb County Police Department (GA)

Flock's Impact

Locate victims & preserve evidence before 911 is ever called


gunshot detection accuracy


second alerts


gunshot location accuracy

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