Build leads, support investigations

Move past the challenges of limited information and jurisdictional barriers with a software add-on for FlockOS®, that revolutionizes investigative efficiency.

Vehicle Description Alerts

Set up vehicle alerts based on body type, make, color, and other criteria, ensuring timely and relevant notifications, even without a license plate number.

Custom Hot List Attachments

Equip officers with crucial context during responses. Attach detailed case notes, photos, and reports to Hot List Alerts for a more strategic and secure approach to law enforcement.

Cross-Agency Hotlist Sharing

Break down barriers in crime investigation. Identify and link overlapping cases within and outside your agency, streamlining communication and operational efficiency by sharing contact details of involved parties.

Vehicle Fingerprint® Search for Faster Results

Challenges like missing license plates or vehicle descriptions can hinder investigations, compounded by the need for cross-jurisdictional coordination. The Enhanced LPR Package helps unlock more investigative leads and build stronger cases with less information upfront.

  • CONVOY SEARCH: Discover hidden links by identifying suspect vehicles traveling together.

  • VISUAL SEARCH: Convert any digital image into a lead, whether sourced from a civilian smartphone or a security camera.

  • MULTI GEO SEARCH: Connect disparate crimes by tracing a suspect vehicle across multiple incidents.

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Unlock more leads with layered intelligence

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