Cloud-Based Public Safety Platform


Seamlessly integrate first and third-party data across video, LPR, and audio to deliver real-time intelligence and retroactive crime solving with unmatched scalability.

End-To-End Solution

A set of fully integrated solutions that “Detect,” “Decode,” and “Deliver” evidence to the right person, at the right time.

Cut the Complexity

Simplify workflows for every user with decentralized access to consolidated intelligence from a full-service vendor. Hassle-free implementation and best-in-class customer support.

Support Your Team

Remotely identify critical incidents to allocate teams efficiently where most needed. Objective, actionable data you control means more of what you need, less of what you don’t.

Promote Field Safety

Equip officers with real-time information to improve their situational awareness. Consolidate community cameras, evidence detection devices, and third-party data streams for a birdseye view of your whole jurisdiction.

Integrated public safety platform

Enhance situational awareness and operational efficiency by layering all your intelligence streams onto the FlockOS ESRI-based map.

  • Flock Safety Devices (LPR, Audio, Video)

  • Mobile & Fixed Video

  • Precincts / Boundaries

  • Floor Plans

  • Patrol Units (AVL)

  • CAD Alerts

  • Community Camera Registry

  • Precincts / Boundaries

  • Floor Plans

  • Patrol Units (AVL)

  • BWCs

  • Drones

  • Traffic

What our partners have to say

The PTZ function of the Condor camera has allowed our RTIC operator to zoom in during traffic stops in the area and provide real-time information to the officer during the stop. In many cases, officers are timing stops near these cameras as best possible for the additional safety it provides having over-watch.
Lt. Wesley Herman

Citrus Heights Police Dept.

This is the single greatest change since DNA – what this system does is a game-changer.
Matt Murray
Chief of Police

Yakima Police Dept.

FlockOS is a one-stop shop for LPR, live surveillance video, live commercial video, officer locations, and more. The OS is scalable, which will allow us to regionalize our real-time information center operations immediately, saving neighboring cities hundreds of thousands of dollars in build costs, and expanding our intelligence network in our region.
Jamie Hudson
RTIC Manager

Elk Grove Police Dept.


Law Enforcement Agencies use FlockOS®


Communities use Flock to deter and eliminate crime


Crime reduction in Flock cities

Flock Safety Products

Unlock more leads with layered intelligence

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Which FlockOS™ package is right for your agency?

Receive real-time hotlist alerts and search vehicle evidence from a nationwide network of LPR cameras.
Access your LPR and video networks in a unified VMS and Map view.
Build your Real-Time Crime Center (RTCC) with a robust suite of investigate and real-time intelligence tools.
Network Access & Sharing
Community Network Access & Sharing
State & Nationwide LPR Network Access & Sharing
State & Nationwide Live Video Network Access & Sharing
Investigative Features
Time/Location Based Search, License Plate Lookup, and Vehicle Fingerprint Search
Flock Safety Insights and Analytics
Flock Advanced Search (Convoy, Visual, & Multi-Geo)
Real-Time Features
ESRI Map Interface, Real-time NCIC Alerts, and Custom Hot Lists (unlimited)
Custom Hot List Deconfliction, Hot List Attachments, and Vehicle Description Alerts
Real-Time Routing
Context Features
Flock Wing® Suite and Custom Map Layers
Camera Registry Program, Floor Plans, Data Integrations (AVL, CAD, BWC)
All packages come with Unlimited Users, Maintenance, Technical Support & Training.