Layered Coverage for Safer Strategic Intersections

Maximize your budget and bring together video and LPR technology with the Intersection Bundle

Safer Intersections

Take advantage of natural bottlenecks where vehicles pass through confined spaces. Efficiently scan every vehicle by combining LPR and video for more comprehensive coverage with fewer cameras needed.

Track Multiple Directions

Capture data on vehicles traveling in various directions through the same point. Make it easier to track the movements of a suspect vehicle across a city or region.

Get a Comprehensive View

By placing LPR systems at multiple intersections, your agency can cross-verify data from various points to build a more accurate picture of a vehicle’s route or a suspect’s movements.

No Hassle Deployment

Get up and running faster with the Intersections Bundle. Flock Safety handles end-to-end installation, mounting multiple devices in one go, saving your team time and resources.

Save Money, Multiply Your Field of View

Intersections on certain roadways need extra attention. Flock Safety's Intersection Bundle provides a cost-effective way to get a full-picture of vehicles at strategic intersections throughout your community.

  • Pay less for comprehensive coverage with bundles

  • Advanced Machine Learning and Vehicle Fingerprint™ detection

  • Add to your existing LPR network at key intersections

  • Layer LPR and video technology for more evidence

  • Hassle-free installation and maintenance

  • Track vehicles more easily across cities or regions


Diversify Your Intersection Coverage for Less

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