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Let's Eliminate Crime Together

We’re focused on eliminating crime and shaping a safer future in partnership with communities.

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To solve crime, you need evidence

Flock Safety is an all-in-one technology solution to eliminate crime and keep your community safe. Our intelligent platform combines the power of communities at scale – including cities, businesses, schools, and law enforcement agencies – to shape a safer future together. Our full-service, maintenance-free technology solution is trusted by more than 3,000 communities across the country to help solve and deter crime in the pursuit of safer communities for everyone.

Technology as a force for good

Customers own and control their data

Flock Safety customers own 100% of the data and footage collected with our cameras. Once captured, footage is transmitted immediately to a secure cloud server and encrypted at every point along the way. Flock Safety does not sell or share public safety data with third parties.

Communities gain visibility with Transparency Portals

We were the first technology provider to include a publicly available Transparency Portal as part of our holistic solution to eliminate crime. The Transparency Portal shows how customers, communities, and law enforcement utilize Flock technology to solve crime. By design, every search in our system is logged and auditable. In addition, we actively work with city councils, county commissioners, and elected officials to educate them on best practices so they can produce publicly available usage policies.

Customers receive built-in, layered accountability

The Flock Safety product suite includes an audit trail that enables customers to have full knowledge of who is using the Flock Safety system, when, and for what purpose. This feature ensures that the technology we created to make communities safer is used accordingly by everyone.

We are focused on objective evidence

Flock focuses on technology that provides objective, actionable evidence. Regardless of geographic location or political party affiliation, we believe in the democratic process and abide by local, state, and federal laws and regulations regarding the safe and effective use of public safety technology in all communities. Because we believe every community deserves to be safe, and in order to solve crime – you need evidence.

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